Match Photos: Redzic shines for North Texas against the Red Wolves

3rd Degree photographer Craig Marcho was on hand Saturday night to catch all the North Texas SC action against the Chattanooga Red Wolves. There’s even a fun little sequence with one of Beni Redzic’s goals that I will put below the main gallery.

We hope you enjoy the photos.

  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Damus Ups
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Che
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Damus fouled
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Alves
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Che shoots
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-DRob header
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Roberts
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Bruce shields
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-roberts shot
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Waldeck
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Damus shoots
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Bruce shoots

Beni Redzic Goal Sequence

  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Beni scores
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Beni past
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Beni
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-beni hop
  • NTSC-8-8-2020-Beni goal celebrate

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