Match Photos: FC Tucson at North Texas SC

10-man North Texas SC fought back to earn a point against FC Tucson on Saturday night and 3rd Degree photographer Craig Marcho brought back some of the action.


  • Damus NTSC-9-19-2020-14
  • Arod NTSC-9-19-2020-1
  • Bonilla D NTSC-9-19-2020-11
  • arod NTSC-9-19-2020-5
  • Bonilla NTSC-9-19-2020-2
  • Thomas NTSC-9-19-2020-12
  • Damus NTSC-9-19-2020-9
  • Bonilla NTSC-9-19-2020-4
  • ARod NTSC-9-19-2020-8
  • Evans NTSC-9-19-2020-10

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