Local NPSL side Gallos FC ceases operations

News broke today that local NPSL side Gallos FC has shut down mid-season and will not play their remaining schedule.  It’s unclear at this time if this is a complete permanent closure of the franchise or just for this season.

Update: It’s a complete closure and ceasing of all operations.

Gallos had four games left this season, three at home.

Owner Eduardo Rodriguez moved the club to Arlington from Irving this season, rebranding the club from Irving FC to Gallos FC, but when the venue in Arlington fell through they were forced to find a venue in Mansfield.

After learning of the shutdown, members of the coaching staff – Coach Clarvis, Gilbert Mendoza, and Janos Fazekas- tried to rally and keep the club together to finish the schedule but were unable to salvage the situation.

The first signs of trouble surfaced on Friday when the weekend game against San Antonio Corinthians was canceled.

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