Hang on everyone, this ride may get bumpy

Just a short while ago, FC Dallas sent out this email to fans (see image). This is the first time I remember them using this kind of tough times and please be patient talk. The last email to fans from FCD that talked about Covid-19 came back on March 13th when the original MLS suspension of play happened.

Maybe it’s an over-read in my part but this email feels different.

FC Dallas email to fans on April 21, 2020.

We’ve seen other MLS clubs furlough staff and the league office do pay cuts for execs. There’s also a lot of discussion between MLS and the MLSPA about player pay cuts.

This FCD email comes at a time when season tickets are still being processed/charged and/or not refunded. Which is probably why FCD & MLS keep talking about playing the full season.

So on one hand, I suppose I’m glad the Hunts are more frugal than other teams in many areas. Perhaps they aren’t bleeding money like some other clubs? Perhaps that bodes well for keeping people on and keeping the club running?

But on the other hand, when I read the sentence in the above email – “FC Dallas is internally addressing the impact of MLS’s decision and will communicate that with you in the coming days.” – I do begin to wonder when FCD will start to furlough staff and/or make staff take pay cuts.

No club can keep losing money forever. At some point, it’s cheaper and “better” for the club’s survival to furlough & then re-staff when needed.

That doesn’t mean it won’t suck for the staff.

Which leads me to think about players? When will players on 1-year deals be cut? Will FCD do that to save several hundred grand?

What about North Texas SC? While a great many of their players are pretty cheap they are also probably easily replaceable, relatively speaking. The USL-1 season feels in even more danger than MLS.

Whatever the case, it sure feels to me like we’re hitting a stage where we might see more action across MLS and by FC Dallas specifically. June 8 feels pretty optimistic (I’m not a scientist) given what I see around the country. This is a national league after all.

So I guess I’m saying stay tuned… It feels like this ride may be about to get bumpy.

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