Fun with FC Dallas squad numbers

I think soccer numbers are important and that they have meaning. Many players agree… and many don’t give a hoot. Clubs often have unwritten rules and coaches sometimes will draw the line… or not. If you’re reading this you probably fall into the camp of those that care.

FC Dallas only has a couple of unspoken rules that we’ve gleaned from observation over the years. For example, the number 1 has always been a keeper as has the number 30, the latter being more often the 3rd keeper.

Generally speaking at FCD, vets get their pick of the numbers as do high profile signings and usually – but not always – go for the coveted single-digit number. Homegrowns get to pick before draft picks with the former usually in teens or low 20s and the latter getting the leftover high 20s and low 30s.

So let’s look at the vacant FCD roster numbers and fill them in with some suggestions. Changes will be in BOLD.

FC Dallas Number Roster 2021

1Jimmy MaurerHe’s earned it.
2Eddie Munjoma2 is a right back number and Eddie wore 12 in college but 12 is on lockdown.
3Jose MartinezA defender’s number. He wore 5 at Eibar but that’s taken. 6 is also an option.
4BressanHe’s worn it since he arrived.
5Thiago SantosHis number of choice.
6Johnny NelsonNelson with his PT has earned a “good” number and 6 can be a left back (see Carlos, Roberto). He wore 5 in college, would he want to wait for the 5?
7Jesus FerreiraHis number since he was a young kid. Moved into it from 27 for 2020.
8Bryan AcostaThe classic two-way mid number.
9Juan Dinenno? *If* Dienenno – or any other striker – signs he’ll likely get the 9. If no striker comes FCD should give the 9 to Pepi.
10Andres RicaurteHonestly, he plays more like an 8.
11Jáder ObrianHe wore 8 with Águilas Doradas but wings are often 7 or 11 and 7 is taken.
12Ryan HollingsheadNot changing.
1313 is a good one if you got guts like Kobra.
14Justin CheBryan Reynolds is about to be sold and 14 is the most important number in FCD history particularly for defense and leadership. Set the expectations, give it to Che.
15Tanner TessmannTanner is a viable 6 candidate as well but 15 has some good FCD midfield history with Chad Deering, Jason Kreis (as a rookie), Eric Quill, Mark Wilson, Adrian Serious, Fabian Castillo (2100), and Jacori Hayes. Great number.
16Ricardo PepiUnless he moves to 9.
17Nkosi BurgessThe number he wore at Seattle U.
18Brandon ServaniaDoubt he changes until he can land the no. 8.
19Paxton PomykalBR19.
20Maurer to the 1. 20 is a high striker number equal to the 9.
21Michael BarriosHe ain’t changing.
22Ema TwumasiThe number he wore at Wake so it’s clearly his preference.
23Thomas RobertsRoberts is going out on loan it seems but it might just be for half the season so his number stays occupied in this list.
24Matt HedgesDe’GOAT, he can wear what he wants. But my soccer brain wishes he would have changed to 4 at the end of 2014 when Andrew Jacobson left.
25Was Montgomery.
26Was Nelson.
27Was Munjoma.
28Was Burgess.
29Franco JaraHe wrote this jersey number into his FCD contract and has it tattooed on his leg.
30Kyle ZobeckIt’s always been his number with FCD.
31Dante SealyThis is the number Dante’s father wore playing for FCD so he probably won’t change unless his preferred 7 becomes available, which it won’t anytime soon.
32Last worn in 2018.
33Edwin CerrilloEdwin is a legit 6 candidate but probably hasn’t made the PT breakthrough to get a number like that.
99PhelipeI hate it… and get off my lawn.

Those are my changes, who you got?

Maurer 1
Jimmy Maurer #1. (John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports)


  1. The analysis we’ve all been waiting for. Only two quibbles: I’d prefer 6 be left empty until we’ve got a D-Mid who wants it – maybe give Nelson 14 (Che can take one of the open numbers in the 20s) or 13; I get Burgess wore 17 in college, but that’s such a forward number and I’d hate to see it on a CB.

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