First letter to the editor of 1999

Here it is, the first letter to the editor of 1999.

It seems so far that not too many teams are getting players from outside the league.  Maybe that will change in the coming weeks.  Ironically, the Burn can improve without adding players:  Get everyone healthy, and they are contenders.  But never one to stop wishing, here’s my wish list.

1. Trotman spent the winter getting better, and the Burn don’t really need another forward to go with Dante.
2. Suarez spent the winter pumping iron and training as a forward with some club somewhere, and is now ready to be the MLS star he can be.
With better touch, better vision on the ball, he gets harder to cover.  The extra ten pounds on his shoulders makes him hard to shove off the ball.
3. Leonel and Kreis come back from surgery in top form.
4. Pollard is a step faster, since he now figures he can get on the National Side, since he played for Arena.
5. Arena told Dante that if he scores more goals than Lassiter, he can be on the national team.
6. Jorge Flores beats out Ted Eck for starting midfield.

Yup, that about does it.


We would wish for all of these too.  Plus, our draft picks working out… Check out our ideas on the 1999 Burn. -ED.

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