FC Dallas loans Antonio Carrera to North Carolina FC

A loan for Antonio Carrera, first reported by 3rd a couple of weeks ago, has been in the works for some time now. Today it became official as FC Dallas loaned Carrera to USL Championship side North Carolina FC for the 2024 season.

FCD holds a right of recall on Carrera and he is eligible to be recalled at any point this season.

North Carolina FC are the 2023 USL League One winners and are rejoining the USL Championship in 2024 following two years in USL League One. 

3rd Degree’s Take

This is terrific. There’s no need for Carrera to sit around Dallas as 2nd or 3rd choice when Maarten Paes will be getting most all the games. Carrera has been the starting keeper for North Texas SC for two seasons now. It’s time for him to face a better challenge. Moving on his own to a new town, a new team, to face new challenges is ideal.

This is how you invest in young players. FCD has done this for years with players like Jesus Ferreira, Brandon Servanie, and Ema Twumasi, just to name a few.

With North Carolina FC winning the USL-1 title last year and moving up to the Championship there should be plenty of opportunity and challenge for Carrera there.

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