FC Dallas in the MLS Next Playoffs

The MLS Next Playoffs and Showcase are taking place in the MetroPlex starting this weekend and various FC Dallas sides are taking part.

MLS Playoffs are a single-elimination tourney, keep winning and you keep playing. The showcase is made up of exhibition games for teams that don’t make the playoffs and those that are eliminated from the playoffs early.

The MLS Flex Tournament takes place at the end of the season and it is used to fill up the playoffs (and give teams more games). It kind of leans into teams that get hot or improve over the year as you can basically play your way into the playoffs in the Flex Tourney.

Here’s a list of all the FCD games currently Playoffs and Showcase games on the schedule.


The FCD U19s finished 4th in the Frontier Division but went on to – perhaps surprisingly – top their group at the MLS Flex. Approximability 40% (a rough guess) of the field is made up via the Flex and for a team that finished 4th it’s a way to play yourself in.

Of 32June 26Barca Residency Academy11 amToyota 4
Of 16June 27Winner of Bethesda SA / Empire United7 pmTBD
QuartersJune 29TBD11 amTBD
SemisJuly 1TBD9 amTBD
FinalJuly 3TBD5 pmTBD


The FCD U17s finished 2nd in the Central (South) Division and make the playoffs as the league qualifier after their first-place team, Austin FC, won their Flex Group.

Of 32June 26NYCFC9 amToyota 11
Of 16June 27Winner of Austin FC / Portland Timbers5 pmTBD
QuartersJune 29TBD9 amTBD
SemisJuly 1TBD7 pmTBD
FinalJuly 3TBD7 pmTBD


The U15s finished 3rd of 4 in the Central (South) Division standings and in their Flex group. However, they kind of backdoored in because teams 1 and 2 in their division won their Flex groups so the “league” bid rolled down to FCD.

Of 32June 25Sockers FC9 amToyota 6

The U15s lost in the opening round and will move to the Showcase games.

U15s 2

For some reason – perhaps someone pulled out – FCD is fielding a second U15 team in the showcase. This U15 2 team is in Group 10.

FCD hasn’t had a second U15 team all year. It will be interesting to see how this team is comprised.

June 25Vancouver Whitecaps1 pmToyota 7
June 26Ballistic United1 pmHarold Patterson 3
June 28Shattuck-St, Mary’s1 pmToyota 11


There are no playoffs for the U14s and down just showcase games. FCD finished 4th of 13 teams in the Frontier Division. They are in Group 9 of the U14 showcase.

June 28RSL Arizona7 pmToyota 13
June 29Houston Dynamo1 pmToyota 8
July 1Intercontinental FA11 amHarold Patterson 18


The FCD U13s finished 5th in the 10-team Frontier Division.

June 28Met Oval5 pmToyota 16
June 29Southern Soccer Academy5 pmToyota 11
July 1Alexandria SA9 amHarold Patterson 15

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