FC Dallas and North Texas SC Roster Rankings – Oct. 19, 2020

Welcome back for another look at the FC Dallas and North Texas SC rosters as we rank all 46 players under a professional contract.

Like any power ranking, there’s no great scientific formula. We look at who is performing well, who’s getting chances, who’s being talked about by the media, and who fans are talking about. without any further ado.

Andres Ricaurte is amazed. (Courtesy FC Dallas)

Starting XI:

1 (-)Andres Ricaurte
High: 1 | Low: 21
Leads the team in (per game) dribbles, fouls suffered, key passes, crosses. Tied-1st for shots outside the box. Third in tackles. The numbers back up an impressive eye test. – Dan
2 (+1)Reto Ziegler
High: 2 | Low: 13
Age is a factor as is his pace, but his intelligence, experience, and leadership keeps him near the top in value. He continues to play at such a high concept level.  – Buzz
3 (+3)Bryan Reynolds
High: 3 | Low: 20
Looking solid defensively and has as many assists in 11 games as Reggie had in the last two calendar years. Possibly the most talked-about player on the team. – Dan
4 (-2)Matt Hedges
High: 1 | Low: 7
Slips slightly with the injury but remains the key defensive figure for FCD. – Buzz
5 (-)Thiago Santos
High: 1 | Low: 5
Santos couldn’t even get a full 90 minutes off, such is his importance to Luchi. – Dan
6 (+1)Michael Barrios
High: 2 | Low: 7
He remains FCD’s best winger and finally got a goal against the Crew.  Still having a subpar season by his standards though. – Buzz
7 (+1)Ryan Hollingshead
High: 6 | Low: 12
Ryan is getting forward far more down the left than previously. He mentioned that he’s been made a focal point at set pieces and almost got the team on the board a few minutes in off a header in the SKC game. – Dan
8 (+1)Jimmy Maurer
High: 3 | Low: 21
Jimmy “Allstate” Maurer is a stable, calming influence in the back with 14 saves over the last three games. – Buzz
9 (-5)Franco Jara
High: 4 | Low: 18
That’s five games without a goal, wasting good chances, and with a fan base that didn’t like how Jara replaced Kobra to begin with. – Dan
10 (+1)Bryan Acosta
High: 7 | Low: 15
Playing his best – and most consistent – ball of the season.  But please stop with the 40 yard field goals. – Buzz
11 (+1)Tanner Tessmann
High: 6 | Low: 19
Grown Ass Man 2.0 is getting good minutes, dropping 60-yard-bombs, and the club is eager to make him one of the regular media appearances. – Dan
Bressan FCD v SKC 10-14-20 170
Bressan looks to pass upfield against Sporting KC during the FC Dallas 1-0 win at Toyota Stadium, October 14, 2020. (Matt Visinsky, 3rd Degree)

In The Mix:

12 (+3)Bressan
High: 9 | Low: 17
He finally looked the part this season with the defense not dropping off when he plays/starts. But his salary relative to his backup status is a problem. – Buzz
13 (-3)Fafa Picault
High: 8 | Low: 16
We mentioned on the pod that Fafa seems to be running into team mates’ space, and picked a poor option on a wide shot that could have been a tap-in for Jara. Mosquera’s injury is keeping Picault in the lineup for now. – Dan
14 (-)Santiago Mosquera
High: 14 | Low: 31
Has flashes of great moments and about 10 minutes of good work combined with a whole lot of nothing the rest of the game. And he can’t stay healthy. – Buzz
15 (+2)Jesus Ferreira
High: 10 | Low: 17
Luchi keeps going to Jesus, using him in all three games since we last ranked. He’s just not a threat. – Dan
16 (-)Ricardo Pepi
High: 9 | Low: 17
Still has the 3rd highest xG (2.1) on the team and his actual G (2) is right on the mark. He remains a frequent early sub choice by Coach G as he learns the finer points of pro soccer. – Buzz
17 (-4)Johnny Nelson
High: 13 | Low: 22
Just a two minute appearance against SKC but it goes to show that Nelson is someone regarded as being able to sustain pressure and that Luchi has faith in his defensive play. – Dan
18 (-)Brandon Servania
High: 14 | Low: 18
He’s a little off his game mentally but adapted well as a right wing/mid in his last appearance. He has to be suffering a bit as he’s clearly fallen behind Tessmann.  – Buzz
19 (+2)Thomas Roberts
High: 19 | Low: 29
Looking the part with North Texas and making FCD benches. – Dan
20  (-1)Callum Montgomery
High: 12 | Low: 20
Had a fantastic season at San Antonio FC and his early recall likely contributed to their 1st round exit.  His much improved passing should see him get minutes and starts for FCD down the stretch at left center back. – Buzz
Munjoma 20201010_ntxsc_33041
North Texas defender Eddie Munjoma sends a ball into the box in the USL League One match at Globe Life Park, October 10, 2020. (Daniel McCullough, 3rd Degree)

Second Team:

21 (+1)Phelipe Megiolaro
High: 21 | Low: 22
One of the harder parts of not being able to attend training is that we know absolutely nothing about how good Phelipe is. – Dan
22 (+2)Dante Sealy
High: 20 | Low: 28
Continues to get a small taste of late game minutes but still looks like he has little idea of team concepts and tactics. It’s all individual stuff. But his progression is right on target. He’s exactly where he needs to be minus some missing NTX starts. – Buzz
23 (+2)Arturo Rodriguez
High: 22 | Low: 33
North Texas is 4-1-2 since ARod’s return. He’s bagged a couple of goals and USL League One named him the team’s X-Factor. – Dan
24 (-4)Kyle Zobeck
High: 15 | Low: 27
Since his return from injury he hasn’t been on the bench ahead of Phelipe.  That means he’s back to being 3rd choice. – Buzz
25 (+1)Nkosi Burgess
High: 25 | Low: 33
Scored a beautiful volley and was named to USL-1 team of the week. – Dan
26 (+1)Edwin Cerrillo
High: 23 | Low: 37
Aside from a couple of flare ups (bad cards) and a bad foul or two, he’s showing a terrific tool set with North Texas. The progression is great, he just needs more seasoning and wisdom. – Buzz
27 (-4)Ema Twumasi
High: 20 | Low: 27
Back with FCD in quarantine. Maybe Ema can edge his way in that unsettled winger discussion? – Dan
28 (+1)Nicky Hernandez
High: 28 | Low: 33
A lock choice starter for North Texas SC. What an addition he’s been. Not ready for MLS but he’s making his case as the best non-FCD player for NTX since signing. – Buzz
29 (-1)Ronaldo Damus
High: 27 | Low: 38
Two goals and an assist against Ft Lauderdale gave us a brief look at last season’s Ronaldo Damus. – Dan
30 (+9)Eddie Munjoma
High: 30 | Low: 39
He’s finally playing and looks the part. He’s putting himself atop the “who’s next” list for right back when Bryan Reynolds is sold next year. – Buzz
31 (-)Justin Che
High: 31 | Low: 31
The FCD Homegrown has played every minute of North Texas SC’s attempt to get back to the USL-1 final. – Dan
32 (-1)Carlos Avilez
High: 31 | Low: 43
He’s now the unquestioned lock #1 again for NTX and has regained his form. Making some spectacular athletic saves.  Decision making and the feet need work but that will come with time (He’s only 21). – Buzz
2020 opening day ntxsc Alex Bruce
Norht Texas SC forward Alex Bruce passes downfield in the first hald of the USL League One match at Globe Life Park. (Daniel McCullough, 3rd Degree)

In Reserve:

33 (-3)Gibran Rayo
High: 30 | Low: 42
Rayo has been quiet but started all four games since the last ranking. – Dan
34 (+7)Alex Bruce
High: 30 | Low: 42
He’s playing through an injury and clearly suffering for the team. But he puts in a ton of work and is a terrific defensive striker. Getting the starts as Damus deals with an injury too. – Buzz
35 (-2)Alisson
High: 33 | Low: 43
A start and three sub appearances. Cerrillo’s presence hurts his minutes. – Dan
36 (-4)Brecc Evans
High: 30 | Low: 36
The captain is still out injured and he may not be back this season.  It’s not a good sign that the NTX defense got much better when he was replaced by Burgess. – Buzz
37 (+3)Derek Waldeck
High: 37 | Low: 45
Regular starter and he’s starting to register assists as his attacking game develops. – Dan
38 (-4)Imanol Almaguer
High: 34 | Low: 44
Has vanished from the 18s.  Hurt or no? – Buzz
39 (-4)Francis Atuahene
High: 18 | Low: 39
Back from San Diego but what’s the next step? – Dan
40 (-4)Juan Manuel Alvarez
High: 26 | Low: 44
He’s hurt all the time and that has totally derailed the wonderful play that was on display in the spring. At 24, the window for him was small here and it’s likely closed. – Buzz
41 (-3)David Rodriguez
High: 33 | Low: 41
The younger Rodriguez is struggling to get any time at all right now. – Dan
42 (-)Luis Zamudio
High: 32 | Low: 42
Firmly second choice, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen him. – Buzz
43 (-)Philip Ponder
High: 43 | Low: 46
Two brief sub appearances show Ponder is still in Eric Quill’s plans, even if it’s on the fringe. – Dan
44 (-)Pedrinho
High: 44 | Low: 47
I honestly forgot he was on the team.  I’m actually surprised he hasn’t been waived. Perhaps they keep him around for an emergency or in case Munjoma is recalled? – Buzz
45 (-8)Paxton Pomykal
High: 2 | Low: 45
Pax lands near the bottom after his season-ending surgery. – Dan
46 (-1)Pablo Aranguiz
High: 23 | Low: 48
New phone, who dis? – Buzz

Andres Ricaurte keeps the number one spot to no surprise, but our two winners are making moves with North Texas SC this week with near-double figure jumps.

Eddie Munjoma was one of the players waiting patiently for a chance in this COVID-hit season. He was finally loaned to North Texas on a longer term, bagging a goal and making USL League One Team of the Week. He shoots up nine spots.

Alex Bruce isn’t far behind as another playing making the league’s best XI for week 13. Two goals and an assist while battling through injury saw the Englishman up seven places.

On the other end, Franco Jara’s run of form is over as he snatches at chances with the burden of replacing a cult hero weighing on him. Jara drops five spots, with a seven-way tie behind him of players injured or just not seeing the field enough.

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