FC Dallas All-Time Best Hair Team

In the midst of our run of best player-by-position rankings we’re doing, I thought it might be fun to take a light-hearted look at the best frocks, mops, rags, ‘dos, and cuts in FC Dallas history.  

There has been a bunch of great hair over the years in Dallas. This list pretty much speaks for itself.

FC Dallas All-Time Best Hair Team


Ariel Graziani

You can’t go wrong with the long, flowing, classic South American flow.  Maybe Antonio Banderas will play him in the movie.

Embed from Getty Images

John Jairo Trellez

The first dreadlocked player in franchise history. Some serious quality hair here.

John Jairo Tréllez of the Dallas Burn in 1999.

Maxi Urruti

Urruti had the top-knot look going and colored it blond in 2019.


Brek Shea

From a long blond gunge look, to a Mohawk, to a shaggy mop, maybe some color in it, even some cornrows at one point. 

  • Brek-Shea-FC-Dallas-courtesy-of-MLS
  • Brek_shea_MV
  • brek-cornrows
  • 41171_145274258840816_142024922499083_277182_6388244_n
  • Shea2
  • Brek Shea (3)
  • MLS: JUNE 23 Chivas USA at FC Dallas

Alain Sutter

A Swiss pirate. Yes, you heard me. Aaaarrgggh.

Embed from Getty Images

Juan Toja 

A mop so impressive, FC Dallas did a Toja wig night. How could that not make the list?

Juan Toja #8
Juan Toja #8 against Chivas USA in SuperLiga play, 2007. (Jason Gulledge, 3rd Degree)

Jordan Stone

Quite possibly the best hair in club history. Those are some quality curls.

Leonel Alvarez

The quintessential Colombian black haired mop.

Embed from Getty Images

Michael Barrios

I mean, if a Mohawk doesn’t get you into the hair team what does?

Michael Barrios vs Colorado
FRISCO, TX – MARCH 23: FC Dallas midfielder Michael Barrios (#21) celebrates his first half goal during the MLS game between FC Dallas and the Colorado Rapids on March 23, 2019 at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Matthew Visinsky, 3rd Degree)

Stephen Keel

A classic 80s blond fro from “Even” Stephen Keel in the mold of Sammy Hagar. Red Rocker indeed.

Victor Ulloa

Early Ulloa when he signed a Homegrown contract had some serious hair game (below left in the pic).

Ulloa, Hernandez, and Luna sign
Victor Ulloa 28, Moises Hernandez 29, and Ruben Luna 34 sign with FC Dallas in 2010. (FCD Communications)

David Ferreira

Not usually a guy you think of for hair, but there were these two efforts worth mentioning…


Adrian Serioux

Classic braids in the big ponytail look that harken more to this Trinidad & Tobago side then his Canadian side.

Adrian Serioux of FC Dallas prior to facing Chivas USA on July 4th, 2007. (Jason Gulledge, 3rd Degree)

Clarence Goodson

For going full-Nickelback. Everyone knows you don’t go full-Nickelback.

Clarence Goodson, 2004 MLS SuperDraft. (Courtesy Andy Mead)

Ugo Ihemelu

Short tight twists more than dreads was the Ugo peak look. It got longer at times but the left look below is the winner.

Reto Ziegler

Always sharp, styled, and coiffed.  Very modern and on point with the modern Euro-style.

Ryan Suarez

With hair as reckless as his game, Ryan sometimes looked like a Paolo Maldini imitator.

Embed from Getty Images

Philip Salyer

The California surfer look and pretty much the classic “Sunshine” from Remember the Titans.

George John

Early and late FCD versions of George John (with Stephen Keel below right) showed off the greek flow.

Ed Puskarich

For rocking the full ponytail in 1996, receding hairline included. (Luv ya, Ed!)

Embed from Getty Images


Ryan Hollingshead

Most keepers are pretty boring in the hair department so the clear winner is Hollingshead who played in goal with a full man bun when FC Dallas visited Toronto FC on May 7th, 2016.

Embed from Getty Images

A full pony tail clearly wins the goalkeeper best hair award.

What’s Next?

Why the FC Dallas All-Time Balds of course.

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  1. Fun list!
    Honorable mention for GK should go to ‘Knothead’ Garth Lagerwey, our back-up in early Burn days.

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