Digging into FC Dallas’ FIFA 21 Ratings

FIFA 21’s official release is tomorrow but the database of players is available so let’s dig in. Here are the ratings of all FC Dallas players including those who have recently left the club.

The Golds:

Franco Jara – 75, Previous rating – 75

Franco Jara being rated at 75 is perfectly acceptable. His card matches his real life play pretty well but I do feel as if he should have gotten a +1 for his 15 goals in 26 Liga MX games in 19-20. 

Key stat: 76 Finishing

Andres Ricuarte – 75, Previous rating – 74 (Offline, not on FUT)

Ricaurte’s fantastic play in the Colombian top flight earned him a big transfer as well as a +! Rating from his previous stats, although he did not have a FUT card on Fifa 20. His shooting is on the low end which but he has a relatively well rounded card.

Key Stat: 81 vision

Michael Barrios – 75, Previous rating -73

5 Goals and 13 assists earned Barrios a +2 rating and a jump to a non-rare gold card but a -1 pace downgrade (age?). His high agility and balance will be huge for this card as well as his pace.

Key stat: 92 Agility

The Silvers:

Matt Hedges – 72, Previous rating – 73

Matt Hedges slow decline from his non rare gold card continues, as he got a -1 downgrade despite another year of stellar outstanding play. Although not on the fast side, 51 pace seems to be a bit too slow. He does, however, boast some of the highest physical stats in the MLS, at 84, including ____ strength

Key stat: 89 Strength

Reggie Cannon – 72, Previous rating – 70

Although no longer with FC Dallas, I felt it was important to mention him at least. Cannon earned a +2 upgrade but a +5 to a non rare gold card would have made much more sense given his pace and defensive ability.

Key stat: 91 Sprint speed

Bryan Acosta – 71, Previous rating – 72

Bryan Acosta did not have the greatest 2019, and it shows with his -1 downgrade of his card. Despite this, he still has a fantastic fifa card, as 83 pace combined with 81 physical makes him a monster of a CM in game.

Key stat: 86 Agression

Ryan Hollingshead – 70, Previous rating – 65

A +5 upgrade for Hollingshead is pretty huge, all things considered. His outstanding goal contributions were not factored in though as he only received a +1 shooting boost. 

Key stat: 80 jumping + 6’1”

Santiago Mosquera – 70, Previous rating – 70

No change between years for Mosquera, despite arguably underperforming for much of 2019. At only 79 pace, he is still slow for a winger.

Key stat: 80 Acceleration

Thiago Santos – 70, Previous – 70 (Offline, not on FUT)

Santos has been a rock for FC Dallas through much of 2020, but current season stats are hardly factored into ratings and as such, his rating has not moved. He does possess very good physical for a midfielder.

Key stat: 84 aggression

Reto Ziegler – 69, Previous rating – 70

Despite continuing to contribute offensively for FC Dallas, Ziegler was given a -1 downgrade, likely due to age. In spite of this, he still has some of the best passing for a CB in the game considering his rating.

Key stat: 72 Long passing

Bressan – 69, Previous rating – 71

A lack of regular playing time seems to have gotten the best of his rating, as he received a -2 downgrade. 

Key stat: 71 strength

Zdenek Ondrasek – 68, Previous rating – 67

Scoring a game winner for the Czech Republic against England was apparently not enough to give “the Kobra” a useable card. Despite his outstanding numbers in the small sample size for FC Dallas, he received a mere +1 upgrade.

Key stat: 84 strength

Jesus Ferreira – 68, Previous rating – 66

Although listing his card as a striker certainly isnt wrong, it also isnt quite right. Regardless a season of quality attacking contributions gave Jesus a +2 upgrade.

Key stat: 84 Sprint speed

Fafa Picault – 67, Previous rating – 68

A striker in Philly’s narrow 4-1-2-1-2 did not quite suit Fafa’s strength and he received a -1 downgrade as a result. Still very fast for his rating.

Key stat: 90 acceleration

Paxton Pomykal – 67, Previous rating – 69

Despite a quality season, Paxton’s inconsistency in the Starting XI seems to be the culprit behind his -2 downgrade.

Key stat: 81 agility

Jimmy Maurer – 65, Previous rating – 64

Maurer had a bit more time on the field during 2019 and received a +1 upgrade.

The Bronzes:

Edwin Cerillo and Tanner Tessmann– 64

Although Cerillo’s aggression stat may need to be bumped up a bit, 64 is a solid rating for each given their time on the field. Also, I feel like a College Football kicking recruit should have higher kicking/shooting stats.

Nkoski Burgess – 59

He has blue hair in his photo.

Brandon Servania – 58

Should be much closer to Cerillo.

Kyle Zoebeck and Ema Twumasi – 56

Thomas Roberts – 55

Johnny Nelson and Eddie Munjoma – 54

Johnny had enough quality appearances in 2019 to warrant a higher rating.

Ricardo Pepi – 53


Big Bad Bryan Reynolds and Dante Sealy– 51



Having 3 gold players is pretty solid and a huge jump from the zero we have had in the past. Although I do not understand some ratings and some downgrades, 3 gold players is great for the club.

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