Dan Hunt talks transfer window – “We needed to wait.”

FC Dallas Owner and President Dan Hunt address the audience at Toyota Stadium.(FCD / FC Dallas)

The recently closed transfer window has been a hot topic in both the fan base and media surrounding FC Dallas for the last few weeks. Fans had high expectations after FCD Owner and President Dan Hunt, by his own admission, got everyone excited with talk of impactful signings only to see a single-player, Edwin Gyasi, arrive.

Hunt says that over the course of the window, his Technical Director Andrew Zanotta and Head Coach Luchi Gonzalez convinced him now wasn’t the best time to bring in more players.

“Their message got very consistent in the last sort of three or four weeks. By the time we bring a player in, get them fit, they understand our system, then they might get three or four games at the end of the year.”

Hunt is probably right on the time frame issue. Given the current political climate, getting a p-1 visa can take longer than in the past. So this late in the transfer window, a player brought in might only be available for a few games this season.

Hunt went on to cite addition concerns that in such a short time frame a player may not even get into the lineup. “Is a player going to come displace Paxton Pomykal?” Hunt asked while clarifying Pomykal’s position certainly isn’t one of need. “Is the player going to come displace Jesus Ferreira?”

“It became very evident that we just needed to wait.”

Hunt admitted to being particularly concerned about finding replacements earlier this year when the team hit a tough roster stretch, particularly in the midfield, around the time of the San Jose road trip in June.

“The Gold Cup didn’t really help us,” Hunt lamented. “I talked about bringing in reinforcements when we were missing all the U-20s, when we were going through the [Carlos] Gruezo saga and he was away, and [Bryan] Acosta was away, and Reggie [Cannon] was away, and then we had feared the Santi Mosquera injury.”

Having gotten through that really hard stretch, Hunt says he has a lot of faith in the team they have. “We’ve got a goalkeeper who a lot of people want. We’ve got some defenders who a lot of people want. Bryan Acosta has lived up to the billing for me. I think he’s been fabulous this year.”

DALLAS, TX - JUNE 22: Paxton Pomykal and Edwin Cerrillo celebrate during the MLS soccer game between FC Dallas and Toronto FC on June 22, 2019 at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas.  (Photo by Matthew Visinsky)
DALLAS, TX – JUNE 22: Paxton Pomykal and Edwin Cerrillo celebrate during the MLS soccer game between FC Dallas and Toronto FC on June 22, 2019 at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Matthew Visinsky)(3rd Degree / Matthew Visinsky)

“Paxton has lived up to the billing,” Hunt continued. “[Edwin] Cerrillo, [Brandon] Servania, you’ve got Jesus [Ferreira] who has done well scoring and Mikey [Barrios] in his steady production mode. We’re getting Santi back, it’s a hard group to beat out.”

It’s clear from listening to Hunt talk that the focus for him and Zanotta, who joined the club in February and by his own admission is still learning the ropes in MLS, now moves to the 2020 season.

Hunt praised his new TD and the work Zanotta has been doing. “I think [Zanotta] is a supreme talent. He is good at burning up the phones, he’s good at identifying talent, he’s good at negotiating. He’s incredibly thoughtful. His total capacity and knowledge base of the game, the rules, transactions, who he knows, what he knows, I have not seen that.”

As for the team itself, Hunt insists the focus is on this season and the playoffs.

“I spoke yesterday about this and I think this would be my most important message: I expect us to make the playoffs. We’re in a playoff spot right now. I expect us to make the playoffs, and when you make the playoffs, you’re in to play for a championship.”

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