Brandon Servania heads to SKN St. Pölten on loan

SKN St. Pölten of the Austrian Bundesliga has announced that FC Dallas midfielder Brandon Servania will be joining the club on loan through the end of the season.

Servania, along with Edwin Cerrillo, Taylor Booth, and Alex Timossi Andersson – the latter two from Bayern Munich – joined SSP for a week-long trial. Along with Servania, Booth – who is from Utah – has been retained on loan.

I am very pleased that with Taylor and Brandon we have two talents on board for the next few months, whose qualities we have been able to convince ourselves of over the past few days. Both players have a good understanding of the game and a lot of creativity on the offensive, which will certainly help us with the tasks ahead in the coming months.

Sports director Georg Zellhofer (translation by Google)

According to my sources, Cerrillo picked up a muscle injury shortly after arriving at Bayern Munich and didn’t train with the German team. That’s why he’s not in any of the photos from Munich. It’s very likely he was also limited in his ability to perform for SSP.

Our take: Terrific move for Brandon and FCD, even if it’s just through the end of the season. Servania has fallen behind Tanner Tessmann in the depth chart at FC Dallas and needs playing time. This is a player with value who could play for FCD for a decade. FCD needs to continue to invest and develop him.

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