3rd Degree the Podcast Episode 78 is now available

3rd Degree the Podcast Episode 78 is brought to you by Pappy Check. You can check out his latest album DirkDirkDirk on SpotifyTidal, or Apple Music. (Some lyrics NSFW.)

This week Peter, Dan, and Buzz break down the two FC Dallas matches against Sporting KC and Atlanta United, talk mentality, discuss the missing FCD offensive piece, decide if Jara is the 9 FCD has needed, chat about the rise of Tessmann, and explore the great Edwin Cerrillo mystery. All that and more on 3rd Degree the Podcast.

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  1. I had a hard time listening to y’all’s discussion of the PK. Even the view of the play that Dan tweeted out, it doesn’t seem like the ball’s even close to hitting Hedges’ head as it comes off the ground, and it strikes him right on the captain’s armband in the middle of his bicep extended straight out from his body. In that view, absolutely correct call. Basically, I’m seeing something completely different than what y’all are describing – feels like y’all are gaslighting me.

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