2010 Fearless Predictions – Redoux

The good, the bad, and the very, very ugly. 

It’s time once again to revisit the often imitated, never duplicated, original BOLD PREDICTIONS. I didn’t do so well on some of the crazy ones, but I did well on the conferences and got close on some others. 

I’m giving myself a 7 to this point with 1 point still up for grabs. (You can check out last year’s here when I rocked an 8.) 

(Original picks in black, scoring in red.) 

Twenty Fearless Predictions for 2010
(For recreational purposes only, no wagering please.) 

1. US Advances in the World Cup. After earning a draw against England on a Bocanegra header, the US will advance to the second round with a loss to Slovenia and a win over Algeria. 

Yes, USA advances. I even got the draw against England and a win over Algeria right. 1 point.

2. Richard Mulroney will be Comeback Player of the Year for the Dynamo. He’ll end up starting 28 games for Houston. (I’m trying to break the jinx by not picking Taylor Twellman again this year, for the good of the league I’d love to see him healthy) 

Richard started 19 games and had a solid season, but he wasn’t Comeback Player of the Year. Bobby Convey took the nod. 0 points.

3. Five World Cup Players Join MLS. What I mean is five players currently not in MLS will be sign with the league post South Africa. Two Americans and three players from other countries. 

Thierry Henry counts, does Rafarl Marguez? No? Ok. How about Blaise Nkufo and Alvaro Fernandez. Close enough. 1 points.

4. West Finish: Seattle, Real Salt Lake, FC Dallas, LA Galaxy, Colorado, Houston, San Jose, Chivas USA. I have great faith in Sigi and expect the Seattle home crowd to carry them a long way. RSL is still good and LA would finish 3rd if not for being the most impacted by the World Cup. Colorado is solid and makes the playoffs as the 5th team from West, 3rd to 5th separated by 2 points. Houston slips this year, San Jose has not made enough progress, and Chivas is going to be as terrible this year as I expected last year (no Thornton miracle season). 

I got the top four in the top four (flip LA and Seattle), then the order almost right after that (flip San Jose and Houston). It’s my list, I’m taking it. 1 point.

5. Frank Yallop will be fired. Two straight seasons near the bottom will get Yallop the ax. 

He made the playoffs and I think that saves him. 0 Points.

6. East Finish: Columbus, Chicago, New York, Kansas City, Toronto FC, New England, Philadelphia, DC United. I’m not as in love with the Crew as I was, but they still have enough. Chicago’s defense is down a notch but no one else is really good yet in the East to challenge them. NY and KC have solid years, but only one gets in, and I’m betting it’s NY. TFC I just think Mo will end up wrecking somehow. NE has lost to much and DC has too much to fix in one season. 

Again I got the top 4 teams in the top 4, and the bottom 4 I got dead on. It’s mine baby. 1 point.

7. Jhon Kennedy Hurtado will be Defender of the Year for the Sounders. Keller behind him and Alonso in front makes Hurtado look really good. Omar Gonzalez will finish second in voting. 

Hurtado was solid, but Olave takes it. 0 Points.

8. Peter Nowak and Preki will get in a fight on the sideline of a TFC/Union game. Two stubborn hard nosed coaches for two stubborn hard nosed teams that won’t be playing well. It’s a recipe for trouble and it will brew up on the sideline over a de Guzman tackle. 

Nope, but it would have been awesome. Preki almost got into it with Kinner. 0 Points.

9. LA Galaxy will be US Open Cup Champions. They players have something to prove after the World Cup/Donovan missing slump. Plus the Gals like to buy home field. 

Nope, Seattle. 0 Points.

10. Pachuca will win the SuperLiga. They’ve been the best team in North American over the last 6 years or so and they aren’t in the Champions League this year. (To be honest I can’t find confirmation of who’s in SuperLiga this year from Mexico. So I reserve the right to edit this one if I can find the damn list of teams) 

Pachuca got skunked, Morelia takes the trophy. 0 Points.

11. Hans Backe will be MLS Coach of the Year. New York + playoffs + new stadium = coach of the year. 

Schellas Hyndman won the award but Backe was a finalist and won the award in other places. I’m taking a half point. 1/2 Point.

12. The Rookie of the Year will be Blair Gavin. He’s gonna get some serious PT for Chivas in their midfield. 

Made 16 starts and had a great season, but not Rookie of the Year. 0 Points.

13. Brek Shea will have a break out season for FC Dallas. What’s a break out season for a 20 year old? Hum, how about 4 goals and 6 assists. 

21 starts, 25 games, 5 goals, 3 game winners, 4 assists, and broke into the National Team. That’s a win. 1 Point.

14. Seattle will win the Supporters Shield. Seattle rides the wave of attendance to the regular season title. 

Thought LA would be good, but not that good. 0 Points.

15. Omar Cummings wins the MLS Budweiser Golden Boot for the Rapids. He’s a bit more selfish this year, his assists will be down and his goals are up. 

He was 3rd with 14 goals, but there is no doubt he’s a heck of a player. 0 Points.

16. Seattle Sounders will be MLS Cup Champs. Seattle knocks off LA, FCD takes RSL but losses in Seattle. The Crew knock off Colorado, Chicago beats New York and then the Crew on the road. Seattle beats Chicago in Toronto in front of a sold out crowd. 

Colorado Rapids. If you say you picked them at the start you lie. 0 Points.

17. Freddy Montero will be MLS MVP. Kyle Beckerman should be the winner, but he won’t. First place is worth to much to media schmucks. Montero will lead Seattle in scoring and that’s enough to get the award. 

Freddy had a great year and even got some votes, but David Ferreira earned the MVP award. 1/2 Points.

18. Red Bull will trade Juan Pablo Angel. In preparation for their multiple post World Cup signings, the Heffers need to move some cap. Angel ends up with someone else in MLS. 

They didn’t trade him, just let his contract run out instead. Same thing really as they are dumping Angel for cap room. 1 Point.

19. Kenny Cooper will return to MLS. He’s on loan from 1860, and isn’t playing for his new club either. He also won’t make the US World Cup team. That’s not exactly the combination Cooper had in mind when he left. No reason to stay there now, a loan back to MLS and FC Dallas is next. 

I’m not calling this one yet, I think it happens this winter. TBD.

20. Collins John will be the MLS Newcomer of the Year. He’ll lead Chicago in scoring and keep them near the top all year. 

I thought John would be much better. I can’t knock Saborio getting it. 0 points.

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