2005 Fearless Prediction – Redoux

Predictions 2005, Revisited

Ok with some post season Houston magic up to 6 points? Not the worst season ever, but close.
(Prediction and Comment, End of season scoring.)
1West Finish: FC Dallas, Los Angeles, San Jose, Real Salt Lake, Colorado, Chivas USA.
 ~San Jose, FCD, Col, LA, RSL, and Chivas.  I thought RSL would have enough to catch Colorado.  San Jose surprised everyone with some savvy moves.  So not all that far off.  But no points for second place. 0 points
2East Finish: Kansas City, Chicago, DC United, Columbus, MetroStars, New England
 ~Oh man was I off on New England and KC flip them and I in the ballpark.  I just didn’t believe in that defense.  I over rated KC, we knew Bo was crap but who would have thought Meola still meant that much. 0 Points
3FC Dallas will be MLS Cup Champs.  Home ice too much for KC to handle.
 ~That Cannon kid might be good, Colorado should keep him.  Home field would have gotten there in the West Final.  0 points
4Columbus Crew will be USOC Champs.  Gritty team can win any one game.
 ~Ouch, Cbus folded like a pup tent. What happened to the grit that got all those ties last year? 0 points
5Zach Thornton will be Goalkeeper of the Year behind the resurgent Fire defense.
 ~Fire play some ok D, but Zach is not even close. 0 points
6Carlos Ruiz will be MVP after scoring 15 goals and 5 assists for FC Dallas. 
 ~Not even FCD MVP as he missed two many MLS games on vacation, 11 g and 2 A in 18 starts… that would have gotten him there if you take it out to 30’ish. I’m feeling generous… 1/2 a point.
7Danny O’Rourke will be Rookie of the Year after he starts 30 games for San Jose.
 ~This is just not my year, or Danny’s apparently.  Incidentally if SJ wants to dump Danny, they can send him to Dallas. 0 points
8Chris Armas should be Comeback player of the Year, but he won’t win the award as Danny Califf will.
 ~How the heck does Klein win it again? It should have been Califf, he got jobbed and cost me 1/2 a point.  0 Points.
9San Jose will be sold to Club America and moved to Houston, Texas for the 2006 season. CA Houston Eagles.
 ~San Jose was moved, and you would not believe how close the Club American thing came to happening. 1 Points.
10Ed Johnson will not win the Budweiser Golden Boot, Davy Arnaud will. As much as I hate to say it Eddie may be a marked man in 05.
 ~Arnaud got moved to midfield.  What idiot coach made that decision? He’ll be back up top next year with Wolff gone. 0 points
11Steve Nicol will be fired.  But not until after he trades Clint Dempsey and Jose Cansella to Los Angeles for Tyrone Marshall and Chris Albright.
 ~Er… dagnabit!     Good thing this is a bit or I would look really dumb on my Revs predictions. 0 points
12Jimmy Conrad will be defender of the year for Kansas City. 
 ~ BINGO!  1 point.
13Kansas City Wizards will win the Supporters Shield.  Don’t they always?
 ~Damn you Tubby. 0 points
14By years end both Liverpool and Man U will be owned by Americans.  Kraft and Glazer, god do I love the gall of rich Americans.
 ~1/2 way there, and Kraft is making Liverpool noise.  Outlandish prediction so I am taking the point.  1 point.
15The Busch family (the beer people, not the Cbus goalie) will buy the Kansas City Wizards, move them to St Louis, and rename them the Kings.  The St Louis Kings will wear red and gold “V” uniforms with Budweiser as a sponsor.
 ~Maybe I was ahead of myself, or everyone else I guess. 1/2 point for bringing StLu to the table before Garber mentioned them.
16Dave Sarachan will be Coach of the Year after leading Chicago to second in the East.  Good coach, good GM, Zach is back… they will get it together.
 ~Good run for them, and they lost East final which kinda makes them second in East, but officially short. 0 Points
17MetroStars will make a lot of noise, but will NOT get a new stadium. They will of course expect to have an announcement in 60 days.
 ~Yeah for MLS!  Boo for me! I am taking half credit for the delays. 1/2 points
18Edson Buddle and Ante Razov will get in a fight during training.  Buddle will win the fight, then be traded to Metro.
 ~I traded the wrong guy. I am giving myself a 1/2 Point for predicting these two would be trouble for Cbus
19MLS will announce expansion for 2007 into Seattle and Rochester.  I would say Houston but the quakes are going there in 06.
 ~Toronto is in, not sure who the second might be.  0 points.
20Alexi Lalas will find a reason to go into the stands in San Jose.  Alexi, TV booth my man. TV booth.
 ~Check.  Then he moved to Metro, which is like living in a TV booth.  1 point.

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