2004 Fearless Predictions- Redoux

20 Fearless Predictions for the 2004 season.
5 and 1/2 points.  Not bad and I could have given myself a bit more.
1. East finish: NE, DC, Chicago, Metro, and Columbus.
Incorrect. Cbus, DC, Metro, NE and Chicago.  Ok so I got DC right.
2. West Finish: SJ, LA, Dallas, KC, and Colorado.
Incorrect. KC, LA, Col, SJ, Dallas.  Again LA right, two for two on second place teams.
3. Tim Hankinson will be fired and stunningly Greg Andrulis won’t be. 
BINGO!! (1 point)  What do you mean Sigi got fired too?  And who the hell is Steve Sampson?
4. The US Open Cup will be won by LA, Cobi Jones will say they are the greatest team in US history.
Incorrect. KC Wizards.  Dang it. 
5. Landon Donovan will finally be MVP of MLS. 
ER no. Incorrect.
6. San Jose Earthquakes will win the 2003 MLS Cup, beating DC United in the final. Landon Donovan will immediately announce he has been offered a contract by Liverpool, but being a big girl he has turned them down. 
Do we get points for DC making the final and for Landycakes getting an offer to go back?
7. Taylor Twellman will lead MLS in scoring.  
Incorrect. Pat Noonan.  We should get something for getting the right team.
8. DeMarcus Beasley will be sold overseas and he will say “Unlike Landon I am not a big girl so I am going.”
Corrent.  Dang I am good at this. (1 point)
9. Chivas (in LA) and Rochester will be expansion teams in 2005.  Which means 48 players currently not in MLS will have to be added to MLS rosters next season.  
1/2 right, so 1/2 a point.  Expansion.  Finally.
10. Alexi Lalas will resign when Club America takes over San Jose Earthquakes, changes their name to Club American USA, and moves them to Houston. 
No. Or not yet anyway.
11. Cory Gibbs will be Defender of the Year for Dallas.
Incorrect. Robin Fraser in Cbus.
12. San Jose Earthquakes will win the Supporters Shield.  
In correct. They almost finished last?
13. Peter Nowak will be MLS Coach of the Year for leading DC United to second in the Eastern Conference.
In correct. Arguably he should have been.
14. Clint Dempsey will be rookie of the year playing left midfield for the Revolution.
Correct.  Can I pick talent or what?  (1 point)
15. Kevin Hartmann will be goalkeeper of the Year for LA Galaxy.
Incorrect.  Joe Cannon in Col.
16. Dallas will trade for Brian Kamler right after the all star game and then bring in a forward with their Allocation during the second transfer window.
Correct (sorta) Left midfield and forward.  I am claiming this one. (1 point)
17. The Dallas Burn will announce that they have sold the naming rights to Frisco Stadium to Dr Pepper.  That or an old folks home. 
Incorrect.  Have not sold naming rights as of yet.
18. MLS will be offered $2 Million for Freddy Adu.
Incorrect.  Again Not yet.
19. Ronnie O’Brien will be MLS Comeback Player of the Year. 
Incorrect.  But he was a nominee, and I think he should have won.
20. The Dallas Burn will get a new logo. 
Ok technically correct, who saw the name thing coming? (1 point)

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