2000 Fearless Prediction – Redoux

Our Twenty Fearless Predictions for 2000.
Some of which may even come true…
7 and 1/2 correct    
1. Metro will make the playoffs; East finish: DC, MetroStars, Miami, NE.
(1/2) Got the Metro part right. East: Metro, NE, Miami, DC.  Close except for DC.
2. All four Central teams make playoffs, Finish: Dallas, Chicago, Tampa, Columbus.
(1/2) Columbus didn’t make it:  Chicago, TB, Dallas, Columbus.
3. West Finish: LA, KC, Colorado, and SJ.  (1) Almost got it. KC, LA, Col, San Jose.
4. The US Open Cup will be won by LA. (-) Chicago beat Miami.
5. Mauricio Cienfuegos will be MVP of MLS.  (-) Moela, but he shouldn’t have been.
6. Lothar Matthäus will be everything his reputation says he will be: brilliant on the field and a butthead off of it.  (1) Looked pretty good down the stretch.
7. Tom Fitzgerald will be fired in Columbus and the Crew will regret Thomas Dooley is not around to replace him. (-) Not fired yet, amazingly.
8. Raul Diaz Arce will lead MLS in goals.   (1/2) Right team, wrong guy, Diallo with 26.
9. Adin Brown will win rookie of the year after starting the majority of the season for Colorado.  (-) Bocanegra, Brown would have won if not for injury.
10. Dante Washington will be successful in Columbus, until he is injured.  (1) Great success, no injury.
11. It will surprise no one when Demarcus Beasley is a star in Chicago. 
(1) Stoitchkov loves the guy; ok maybe not a star, but really good..
12. The Burn will be sold before the season is over.  (-) hopefully next year.
13. 2001 Expansion will be to New York, Houston, and Sacramento (yes three cities)
(-) Ok, how about 2002, to NY and Altanta or Philly.
14. Los Angeles will win the Supporters Shield.  (-) Kansas City and Chicago Tied.
15. The Burn will beat Los Angeles in MLS Cup 2000. (-) KC beat Chicago.
16. Andrew Williams will have a breakout year for Miami. (-) Too Many forwards in Miami.
17. Matt Jordan will led MLS in shutouts, Kevin Hartman in goals against. 
(-) Meola .92 goals against, 16 shutouts.
18. Colorado will miss Matt McKeon more then they imagined, like KC last year. 
(1) They have second most goals allowed, KC leads MLS in D.
19. Thomas Rongen will come under fire in DC for their poor play when Etcheverry and Moreno leave for World Cup Qualifiers.  (1) Rongen amazing still has a job.
20. Brandon Pollard will get a US call up by end of 2000. (-) Not looking good, doesn’t even start for Burn.

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