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What a week it was for FC Dallas. As Dan said, “Interesting week. Let’s talk about it.” First, FCD tried to grind out a point on the road in a 3-5-2 without much success. Szabolcs Schön was involved in another mystifying sub. Franco Jara wasn’t the worst striker in the team. Eddie Munjome appeared to run into a brick wall. Thankfully Bryan Acosta continues to be the man. And yet, in perhaps the biggest surprise of the week, Buzz got to talk to Luchi Gonzalez one on one after training (in a socially distanced and responsible way). What a week. That’s a lot of cats for Peter to herd.

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Music by Pappy Check.


  1. 1. Do you think that “if” Luchi gets the axe would Eric Q be the next HC for FCD?
    2. Who’s feeling the pressure more? Luchi or Jara?

    1. Goos questions
      1. The Hunts love internal (cheap) candidates. I’m sure Quill would be a candidate. So would Peter Luccin. Andre Zanotta might have some buddies to look at externally.
      2. Jara I think. Luchi has the Hunt confidence. Jara has all the fans on him and that big check to live up to.

  2. Quill would be the logical choice. Gonzalo Pineda would be a top pick for me, but one we can’t afford. Or, as the Hunts like, they could always disappoint us and bring in Jason Kreis.

  3. Will the impending explosive success of Austin FC (10,000+ season ticket waiting list) force FCD (and Houston) to get its act together?

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