Top 10 – Dallas Burn players

Top Ten Burn Players All-Time
1Hugo SanchezUS International played in 1998 World Cup.
2Ariel GrazianiBest target forward in team history.  Full Ecuadorian International.
3Leonel AlvarezColumbian International, played in World Cups.  Team leader for several years.
4Zarco RodriguezPlays everywhere, scores clutch goals, class on the field and off. 
5Jason Kreis1999 MLS MVP.
6Matt JordanYoung GK in US pool, and GK’s don’t get good till 30. 
7Mark Dodd1996 MLS GK of the Year.
8Oscar ParejaColumbian #10, 2000 Inferno MVP.
9Chad DeeringUS International, played in 1998 World Cup.
10Dante WashingtonStrong, big, fast, a true offensive force when not injured.

Fan Suggestions:

Alain Sutter – er… whoops, totally slipped our mind. He should have been on there.

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