Top 10 – Burn nicknames

Top Ten Nicknames
1Pig PenBrandon Pollard: Have you seen the way this guy dresses?
2Hanging ChadChad Deering: more of a style of play than a real nickname.
3ChivasAntonio Martinez: must have been hard to train with Chivas, when you name is Chivas. AKA: Chi Chi.
4ZarcoJorge Rodriguez: the Green Eyed One.
5El Nino 
or Little Joe Cow
Joselito Vaca: The Kid
6Super StarJason Kreis: Super Star, How many goals have you scored so far?
7EEric Dade: It’s like Sesame Street…  Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
8ProfessorRichard Farrer: renaissance man, the glasses make it worse.
9LexAleksey Korol: the player, not the TV show.
10Anti-DirMike Jeffries: Dave Dir he is not

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