Meet the FC Dallas U12s for 2023-24

As we continue our 23-24 Academy roster breakdowns we’re down to the U12s, the final group. At this level, FCD runs two teams North and South.

If you are interested in the older groups you can find the U19s hereThe U17s hereAnd the 16sPlus the 15s, the 14s, and the 13s.

For the 2023-24 season, the 2012s are the prime U12 class.

Please remember these rosters are subject to change. They can, and do, change. Frequently.

FC Dallas U12 North for 2023-24

The names are all brand new to me and I know next to nothing about them at all.

Coaches: Phil Gomez

Numbers: 30 and up with 1 exception.

16Angello Pastran
30Gaines Shipman
31Elliot Smith
32Nash NorrisNolan Norris’ brother.
33Evan Boyette
35Carlos MetaG
37Ricardo Reyes
38Luke Brown
39Carson Turner
40Thiago Sevillano
44Santiago Garcia
45Gavin HickamYounger brother of FCD U17 Landon Hickam?
47Lorenzo Hernandez
48Lincoln Clark
51Mateo Arriaga
88Roberto Nino

FC Dallas U12 South for 2023-24

This group looks light in numbers on the roster. Perhaps they are still filling it out?

Coaches: Tony Falcon

Numbers: 30 and up.

36Tate Wood
41Diego Contreras
42Cayson Lites
43Antonio de la Torre
46Cesar Cardona
49Jeronimo Atehurtua
52Andrew Trigueros
52Luis Torres
83Jareth CornejoG

I do my best to get info on all these kids but I am certainly not infallible. Sometimes Google lets me down. See something wrong or, for that matter, know anything at all? Let me know.

If you think a player is missing, I don’t know what to tell you. This is the roster FCD has given me to start the season and, hopefully, it’s accurate.

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