Meet the FC Dallas U15s for 2023-24

And now it’s time for the U15s as we continue down the age brackets of the FC Dallas Academy for the 2023-24 season. 

You can find the U19s hereThe U17s here. And the 16s.

For the 2023-24 season, the 2009s are the prime U15 class.

Please remember these rosters are subject to change. They can, and do, change. Frequently.

This age is when big changes start to happen with these players… for many different reasons.

Buzz’s U15 Watch List

I’ve only seen this group a couple of times – I try to wait till kids are U14s at Dallas Cup before I go watch – so this watch list from here to pro will likely change dramatically.

Here are a few names high on my personal talent boards anyway. (In alphabetical order)

Jordyn Eason – Highly regarded and dangerous striker who came to FCD from LAFC.

Diego Echevarria – Forward who has scored bunches of goals for this club over the last two years.

Saul Rios – Brought in from FCD El Paso and has played up age groups quite a few times. FCD seems to have him on the top-tier keeper pathway.

Liam Vejrostek – Versatile and highly skilled left back that can play multiple positions on the field in addition to his primary one.

Kyle Velasquez – For me, the most dynamic and interesting player in this group. Controls games with skill, range, and energy.

FC Dallas U15s for 2023-24

We’re also getting into the territory where I will know less about these kids only having seen them at Dallas Cup back in April for the first time.

Coach: Alex Aldaz.

Number band: 29 and down.

1Zach WellsG
2Kaleb PanozzoR/CB
3Liam VejrostekLBJoined late in 21-22 from RSL Arizona.
4Mark DrygasCB
5Ahmad OdomCB
7Jordyn EasonF22-23 addition from LAFC Academy.
8Pedro DiasNew for the 23-24 season from San Francisco Glens Academy.
9Diego CruzW
10Steel CookAMPlaymaker. Started with LAFC.
11Diego EchevarriaLW/9“Echy.” Puerto Rico Youth International. Recruited from FC Force (AYSES)
12Erick VargasW/8Went from FC Dallas to Solar to DKSC and then back to FCD for 22-23 season.
13Juan CarreraGThe 4th Carrera sibling.
14Emmanuel AlvarezL/CB“Manny.”
15Kyle Velasquez822-23 addition from Solar.
16Sebastian AragundiM/RB
17Christian Wygant6/CB22-23 addition.
18Zac FumtimRBmiddle name Adonis
19Saúl RiosGFrom FCD El Paso. US and Mexico eligible. Sometimes listed as Rios-Ponce.
20Abren S VegaM
23Ethan Kurpiewski6/CB22-23 addition from West Florida Flames. He was 6’1″ already last year.
25Austin ChukwuW22-23 addition from Alves, Spain.
26Dominic Salm6/8“Nico.” New for the 23-24 season from Louisana TDP Elite.
27Luke MarteyFUp from FCD ECNL.
28Caleb WegmanF6’4″ at U14. Joined from Cross City Soccer for 23-24 after playing in some 2023 Dallas Cup games with FCD. (See pic below.)

I do my best to get info on all these kids but I am certainly not infallible. Sometimes Google lets me down. See something wrong? Let me know.

If you think a player is missing, I don’t know what to tell you. This is the roster FCD has given me to start the season and, hopefully, it’s accurate.

Caleb Wegman (right), FCD’s 6’4″ U14 at the 2023 Dallas Cup. (Buzz Carrick)


  1. Steel Cook #10. Came from LAFC. A must see player. Gotta watch this kid. Made last round of US national team and still waiting on results from what I was told. Scores a lot of goals.

  2. Much respect Buzz. It is good to see someone took the time to mention Cook. It would be unjust to talk about this team and not discuss #10. I don’t normally comment on these types of forums, but felt compelled to this time. Cook is smart, crafty, and wins games. I’m gonna double down on this young athlete, and predict that if he stays healthy, we will be hearing his name a lot.

    1. No worries Danny. I’ve heard good things. Not mentioning him wasn’t meant as a slight, it’s that I only do scouting reports on players after I have seen them myself. I look forward to seeing him.

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