Fafa Picault traded to Houston Dynamo

Or so it seems. Earlier today, two Houston based media tweeted out the news of a Fafa Picault trade to the Dynamo for $275k in GAM. The deal was reported to have a split of $200k in 2021 and $75k in 2022, plus performance-based incentives (an additional $50k).

Now comes this…

That seems pretty official.

And done.


  1. With all the transfers and salary dumps do you think we may try to buy down Acosta’s DP contract to make way for the two players we’ve been linked to (Pumas Striker and Colombian Winger). Why not offer Jara swap and cash to Pumas for the Striker? Buy down Acosta contract and use last two DP spots for Colombian Winger and Lock Down CB.

  2. They usually have a couple of players above the DP line they buy down. Reto for example last few years. Sure, could be Acosta.

    Offering Jara is a non-starter. Anyone you offer him to will look at the tape and see what we see. FCD would have to eat a large part of his contract and still have a cap hit. Might as well buy him out.

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