Did FC Dallas sign a partnership with Cruzeiro?

Late on Wednesday, FC Dallas was reported by some press in Brazil to have signed an 18-year-old player from Cruzeiro named Alejandro. The young midfielder is, according to the reports, set to play for North Texas SC.

Update (10:30 am Feb 4): No, they did not.

But buried at the bottom of a couple of the articles was a statement allegedly from Cruzeiro stating they have agreed to a partnership with FC Dallas. (Translation by Google Chrome)

Cruzeiro Esporte Clube informs that it is signing a partnership with FC Dallas, one of the main clubs of Major League Soccer, in the United States.

The partnership, which will encompass institutional and sporting opportunities, aiming at new business and revenue for Raposa, was activated with the transfer of Alejandro, an Under-20 athlete.

In the agreement, aligned by André Mazzuco (Cruzeiro’s Football Director), André Zanotta (executive director of FC Dallas), and the athlete’s staff, the two teams will have a share in the player’s economic rights in a future negotiation.

Cruzeiro official note to address Alejandro’s departure

FC Dallas has had partnerships before and currently, famously, does with Bayern Munich. Previous partnerships have included Clube Athletico Paranaense in Brazil, Tigres in Mexico, and the entire T&T pro league.

Also, here’s a video on Alejandro. He’s reported to be coming on a free loan but Cruzeiro will retain a percentage of the athlete’s rights.

Keep in mind we’ve seen reports of completed deals before that weren’t real… like Juan Dinenno.

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