3rd Degree the Podcast episode 97 now available

The big news of the last several weeks has been the pending transfer of Bryan Reynolds to AS RomaThat news became official on Monday and we just had to get all the inside dirt for our listeners. So the special guest on this week’s episode of 3rd Degree the Podcast none other than Bryan’s lead representation and agent – and father – Keith Reynolds.

Bryan’s start, his career with FCD, various contracts with Dallas, all the recent negotiations, and the big move to Roma are all discussed.

Plus some Justin Che, Brandon Servania, and Edwin Cerrillo loan news.

And thanks to our sponsor, Soccer90, maybe a big kit hint.

Music by Pappy Check.

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  1. Great podcast as always. One correction to something that Buzz has said several times including on this episode: Bressan did not take any starts from Reynolds at right back in 2020. Cannon’s last game was 8/21. The next two games Hollingshead started on the right instead of Reynolds, not Bressan. Reynolds started 16 of the last 17 games of the season, with Hollingshead starting again on the right on 9/23.

    1. You’re correct about the 2020 reference. Bressan started in lieu of BBB when Reggie was called up to the Gold Cup roster in 2019, that was the other reference mentioned in the pod.

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