1999 Fearless Prediction – Redoux

Our Twenty Fearless Predictions. Some of which may even come true…
6 correct.

1. Chicago will not repeat as MLS Champions. They will win the West again though.
(Correct) Chicago finished 3rd in West and were eliminated by the Burn.
2. The Columbus Crew will win their first MLS title. The Crew will defeat Miami in the East final
(Incorrect) Columbus lost to DC again, Miami lost to DC in opening round.
3. East Playoff Teams: New England, DC United, Columbus, and Miami.
(Almost Correct) DC, Columbus, Tampa, and Miamil; missed on New England
4. West Playoff Teams: LA, Chicago, Dallas, San Jose. If  Diaz Arce drops out Colorado will make it instead.
(Correct) Dallas, Chicago, Colorado, and LA.  we’ll take credit for the Diaz Arce thing.
5. Brian McBride will be MVP. Even though he won’t lead his team in scoring.
(Incorrect) Conceding the MVP to Kreis.
6. Rochester and Philadelphia will be named expansion teams for next season. or 2001.
(Incorrect) The guy in Houston says it’s Houston, but then again he would. Recent rumor suggests New York
7. Diaz Arce will lead the west in scoring.  Cobi Jones will finish second.
(Incorrect) Diaz Arce is in the East.  Kreis led MLS and the West with 51.
8. Stern John will lead the East in scoring. Again.
(Incorrect) Nope… Lassiter with 47.
9. Walter Zenga will be coach of the Year. Especially if he doesn’t play every game.
(Incorrect) Zenga got fired. Tampa Bay coach Tim Hankinson looks the favorite of coach of the Year
10. Dave Dir and Ron Newman will be fired.
(Incorrect) Newman yes!! Dir is getting late Coach of the Year consideration.
11. Lalas will be ridiculed by his own team’s fans. All three of them.
(Correct) He was for a time, but has begun to play better, now he is retiring.
12. Jeff Cassar will have the lowest goals against average in MLS.   A good D in front of him helps.
(Incorrect) Miami’s D fell apart.  Kevin Hartman (LA) 0.91 GAA
13. Jason Moore will be rookie of the year. Yes, DC again.
(Incorrect) Richard Mulrooney (SJ). 
14. Tampa Bay will move after they average below 10,000 per game. Either to San Diego or Houston.
(Incorrect) TB Avg. 13,000 which is better than Dallas; Miami and KC
15. John Harkes will score for the Revolution versus DC United.
(Incorrect) He didn’t.
16. The MetroStars will start hot, but will miss the playoffs when turf is installed in the Meadowlands.
(Correct) Turf is in and they missed playoffs.
17. Ross Paule will emerge as a real star for Colorado. Imagine him on the Burn wing…
(Incorrect) Hard to Define star, 9 assists (5 for game winning goals).
18. Miami will win the US Open Cup. They will defeat LA in the final
(Incorrect) Miami was eliminated by the Mutts on May 15th.
19. MLS will lose money again.  But a lot less than last year.
(Correct) Who knows.
20. Thomas Dooley will be hired to coach the Dallas Burn when Dir is fired. Perhaps MLS second player coach.
(Incorrect) Dir didn’t get fired, but someone will hire Dooley next year. 

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