Tuesday at the Dallas Cup, double FCD watching

My plans to take in two games yesterday got drenched out by the rain, but I still managed to catch two games on Tuesday. At 10 am was my first viewing of the U14s (2010s) and in the afternoon at 2, I caught up with the U16s (2008)s.

U14s (2010s) vs Total Football Academy

FC Dallas U14s XI vs TFA, March 26, 2024 Dallas Cup.
FC Dallas U14s XI vs TFA, March 26, 2024 Dallas Cup.

#14 is the only player I couldn’t ID and didn’t hear a name, I only think it’s Johan Padilla Canales because that’s the one name on the roster I don’t have a number assigned.

The U14s won 1-0 on a banger of a free kick by #42 Tamba Hallie II. Just a real cracker of a goal.

The above group played the first half and there were three changes at the half. #36 Karthik Mathai came in at right wing shifting Hallie to left. #41 Neil Akem came on at right back. And #35 Sammy Guevara came on in central midfield for #14.

Later subs included #34 Braulio Hernandez Borjas at holding mid. #53 Brennen McDonald into midfield. Caiafa, Padilla Canales, and Monsivais also subbed back in. (U14s can return to the game.)

First Impressions

This is my first time seeing this team so here are a few comments and thoughts. TFA is an above average team and I feel like I got some really useful reads on this game.

#42 Tamba Hallie II can absolutely fly. But he’s not just one-dimensional vertical. While he’s not looking to play ticky-tacky, he does play in combo, has a nice first touch, reads the defense well, and can hit a legit free kick. He made a great first impression on me even before the goal.

#32 Justus Jones is small but fierce. Team captain with a great motor. Bombs forward with the ball and is a really top-notch passer with good tactical understanding.

#22 Alex Soria was FCD’s best and most effective midfielder on the day. Good range, feet, and above-average passing.

I liked both of FCDs center backs, both could play with the ball at their feet and pass. #21 Christian Guillen-Lopez is the more physical, taller, and defensively aggressive one. #31 Chris Olvera is rangier and covers up a lot of problem spots.

Other Guys Shoutout

I quite liked TFA’s holding mid, #4 Angel Ramos. Lovely player, he controlled the midfield and bottled up any FCD mids who came into his area.

TFA also had a young lady take the field. #24 Fabianna Guiterrez. She held her own and that’s quite impressive.

U16s (2008s) vs Celtic RL

FC Dallas U16s XI vs Celtic RL, March 26, 2024 Dallas Cup.

Subs included.

It was 3-0 at halftime and FCD kind of cruised from there winning 4-0 in the end. Goals by #44 Wyatt Easterly (2), #6 Zach Molomo, and #41 Pierre Mazzawi.

Notes and Comments

#44 Wyatt Easterly had a heck of a game. I don’t recall seeing him at wing before, he’s been a right back every time I can think of. He had two goals and the final assist, plus he hit both posts. Celtic couldn’t handle his power game.

#47 Andre Saucedo has converted his game from pure 10 to two-way modern 8. He’s a box-to-box hard-working spark plug but he still has the best passing, ball control, and vision in this group. I am no longer worried as to how he would handle large players and a need for a defensive game.

Impressive first viewing of #27 Ougir Vega who FC Dallas just got from Dallas Hornets in the last few weeks. Nice player in midfield. I want to see more. This move happened so recently, he was on my “non-FCD Academy players to watch” list.

#37 Tadesse Hart, who I already liked, played as a 9 in this one. I like him a whole lot better at wing where he can run at people more.

This wasn’t a great matchup, FCD seemed to hold back a couple of players I was hoping to see

Other FC Dallas Results


U12 Academy 5-0 win over FC Troyanos RGV 2012
Pre-ECNL 12 Red lost 1-2 vs Catalyst 12N
ECNL Red 11 won 3-0 over Sporting Arkansas 2011 Atletico
U13 Academy won 3-0 over Deportivo 59 FC 2011 Premier
ECNL Red 09 won 5-0 over ID Real Houston 09 NLFC
ECNL Red 08 won 3-0 over Strikers FC North 08 E64
ECNL White 07 won 4-0 over Doral SC ECNLRL 2007
ECNL Red 07 won 3-1 over West Pines United FC 2007 Elite
ECNL White 06/05 won 4-0 over Las Vegas Sports Academy Red 2006
RL 05-06 won 3-0 over NPC FF 2006 Academy
ECNL Red 06/05 won 4-0 over Gateway Legacy Soccer
U19 Academy lost 2-1 to Fulham FC


ECNL 09 won 5-0 over BVB 09 GA (Finish 3-0-0, +15 GD to win Group A)
RL 09 tied 1-1 (Finish 1-0-2 with a +3 GD to finish 2nd in Group B)
==> The above two clubs now face each other in the U15 Semi-Finals on Thursday.
ECNL 08 won 2-1 over Sting Dallas Royal ECNL 09/08 Williams (Finish 3-0-0 +9 GD to win Group A)
RL 08 won 4-1 over Elite XI Canada 08 (Finish 2-1-0 +1 GD to finish 2nd in Group B)
==> The above two clubs now face each other in the U16 Semi-Finals
ECNL 07 wins 4-0 over Renegades 07 GA (Finish 3-0-0 +29 GD to win Group B)
==> They face San Bernardino 07 FC in the U17 Semi-Finals
ECNL 05/06 tied Australian School Girls 0-0 (Finish 2-0-1 +18 GD to win Group A)
RL 1 05/06 won 3-1 over W&H America 2006 Adrenalina Ladies (Finish 3-0-0 +8 GD to win Group C)
==> Semi-Final brackets TBD but both should advance.

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