Tucson left deserted by North Texas road win

North Texas Soccer Club’s second consecutive road match featured the team facing off against FC Tucson for the final time in 2021.

For the second consecutive road game, North Texas grabbed yet another 3-points while ending FC Tucson’s 7-game unbeaten streak with a 2-0 win.

The Game

Only one change was made from North Texas’ last match against North Carolina featuring Mark Salas over Caiser Gomes in the backline.

North Texas SC Starting XI vs. FC Tucson

Kalil ElMedkhar got his 4th goal of the season with North Texas in the 33rd minute.

Only one change occurred at halftime for North Texas as Gibran Rayo replaced Freddy Vargas.

Mikey Maldonado came in for Kazu in the 71st minute.

Imanol Almaguer earned his 3rd goal of the season in the 77th minute to double the lead for North Texas.

Devin Benton substituted in for Kalil ElMedkhar in the 80th minute.

Maximiliano Schenfeld was sent off for kicking a ball at Collin Smith in the 86th minute.

Imanol Almaguer and Nicky Hernandez made way for Alex Bruce Bernard Kamungo respectively as the final substitutes in the 90th minute.

North Texas SC got a shut-out with a 2-0 win over FC Tucson.

Blaine Ferri heads the ball against Joao Delgado in North Texas SC’s match against FC Tucson (Courtesy USL League One)

Thoughts & Takeaways

Ball Control

Wanting to take and maintain control of games, North Texas started the game moving the ball quickly across the field.

Nicky Hernandez, Kalil ElMedkhar, and Kazu, who all are having solid performances in the attack, were the main creative forces in the final third, causing Tucson’s defense to constantly be on the move.

The North Texas attack found success in their efficiency not only to generate shots but creating shots on target.

Getting into the final third with speed and supporting numbers are aspects of the attack that can be improved while limiting extra touches and passes.


One strength, and at times weakness, of North Texas is the younger roster in comparison to the rest of the league.

While the players are not one to retaliate or bemoan unfavorable calls, this match did get chippy and require the involvement of the officials.

North Texas did well to focus on the game and play their game rather than getting drawn into fouls and confrontation. This mental fortitude is valuable for the players in their playoff hunt against more veteran and experienced teams.

Additionally, the mental growth the team has made over the course of the season with respect to their ability to adapt their gameplan is commendable highlights the progress the team has been making all season long.

North Texas SC has 33 points and sits in 6th place (final playoff spot) through 24 games. North Texas has 4 games remaining in the season and is 2 points clear of 7th place.

North Texas returns home to host the Richmond Kickers on Sunday, October 10th at 6 PM.

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