Top 10 – things MLS should change

Top Ten Things MLS should change.
1Expand RostersRosters should include one back up per position, at least in a numbers sense.  With 4 Roster exempts per team that makes a roster of 20.
2More TVMore TV coverage is always a good thing, even good things.  fans that tune in will see great atmosphere and come to the game.
3NumbersStop letting players wear stupid numbers.  Rosters should be 1-25.
4StadiumsWell, duh.  Every MLS team needs it’s own place to play.
5PlayoffsPlayoffs should be best of three. Period.  None of this points crap.
6Stupid NamesMake sure next round of expansion has classic names, not silly marketing style names.
7HoustonMLS should expand to Houston.  Biggest market without a team and an outstanding soccer community, both in suburban and Hispanic
8ESPN CommentatorsStop rehashing the same boring guys.  There is some real talent on MLS games now, don’t be afraid to use it.
9ScoutingMLS clubs need scouting/player/personnel departments.  Using assistant coaches just doesn’t cut it.
10Ref TimeIt’s not necessary to announce to the crowd that the Referee keeps the time.  We all know the referee keeps time.

Wow, this one got people going.

by JH Harris

1Referee training  Man some of these guys need help.  
ed – More of a Fed issue, but still a good point.

by Alan Kirk

1NO overtime Dose ANY other country have this?? 
(Is this going away next season?) 
I have no idea.
2Better Referees – Man, some of these guys really (and I mean really) suck!!
wow, 2 for 2 on the refs.
3Fans should sing songs at gamesAlan have you ever sat with the Inferno?
4Fans should sing “rude” songs about opponents (especially Chicago & LA!!)
see above
5Get the local TV stations to include soccer in their daily/nightly sports presentations!!!Fans should write and call their local TV stations and complain.  The more calls they get the more they will show highlights.

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