Top 10 – New Names for the Dallas Burn

Top Ten: New Names for the Dallas Burn
1Dallas DiablosPlease, please, please, please… Dark, cool, red and black, name reaches both target markets, young hip… did I say cool? Doesn’t meet the requirements of local history though.
2Dallas TexansLocal history for you in terms of the old Lamar’s old football team (now the KC Chiefs in case you missed it).  Hunt still owns the name in fact and Houston of the NFL had to ask him for permission to use Texans… or so the story goes.  Plus they can affiliate with the youth club of same name, which just happens to be one of the best in the nation.
3Dallas TornadoElliott came from San Jose where they went old-school NASL.  Too bad DFW Tornados already have that name in the soccer world, along with the local youth hockey team. Oh yeah Hunt owns this name too from his days as owner of Dallas Tornado of the NASL.
4Dallas RepublicAs in The Republic of Texas.  Talk about your local history.
5Texas WhateverNo Dallas… but a state name.
6Dallas DynamoA great soccer name both here and abroad.
7Dallas DeportivoAnother name with history and a nod to the Hispanic market in Dallas.
8Dallas RangersSoccer history, local ties, probably can’t use it though.
9Dallas SCSimple and Soccer, but not a cool mascot.
10Frisco BurnGod help us if the name is Frisco and not Dallas.

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