Top 10 – names for the Salt Lake City MLS expansion team

Top Ten: New Names for the Salt Lake City MLS Team
1SLC SaintsHello? Mormons! As in the Church of Jesus Christ and Later Day SAINTS.
2Salt Lake Cityi.e. CITY.  The name KC should have used.  I have always thought Wizards was the worst name in MLS.
3SLC OlympicAs in the Winter Olympics they just held.  A very soccer’eqsue name.
4SLC WanderersThis one actually works for them if you know anything about the Mormon history and their migration.
5Utah SCThe Utah part being the key. I am not really a fan of state team names, but since the Utah Jazz set the state precedence they might follow suit.  Salt Lake City Anything is a mouthful.
6SLC BuzzBRILLIANT!!  Oh wait, that’s their minor league baseball team.
7SLC ChoirboysIt’s like music to their ears.
8SLC PolygamistsOh no you didn’t.
9SLC YoungsLike the Browns. Or like Boca Juniors.  I would have said Brigham Young SC, but that name is already taken.
10Rocky Mountain SCNo city or state, but a regional kind of name.  Then again the Rapids should be Mile High SC anyway so leave that name for them.

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