The 2022-23 FC Dallas Academy U19s

The new FC Dallas Academy season is just around the corner with play for the U19s kicking off on the 10th of this month against RISE Soccer Club.

I reached out to FC Dallas, who sent me the roster for each age group.

Matters of Importance

FC Dallas often moves kids up in pretty much any age group. No one is listed as being “up” yet but don’t expect that to last. You can expect to to see kids bouncing up to play almost any game. Sometimes, but not always, the number they wear can tell you where the club expects them to play most of the time.

Rosters are fluid down to ECNL too as there are players tagged as DPs that can move between Academy and Premier. I don’t often know which kids are DPs.

I listed these kids on the roster in the order that FCD sent them to me. They aren’t alphabetical nor are they numeric. I have no clue if it means anything. Draw conclusions at your own peril.

About two-thirds of this team played up with the U19s last year while they were U17s. As a consequence, this team should be pretty good. If North Texas SC doesn’t take a handful of them and leave the 19s undermanned, that is.

This has been an offseason of massive recruiting for FC Dallas. As we go forward in these rosters, you will see the numbers are sometimes surprising.

The U19s have five new players on their roster and one returning player. That’s not too out of normal for the 19s because a lot of the older birth years in this group will have graduated, leaving them a little light in roster terms.

Notable Absences

  1. Nighte Pickering – 2005, F. Signed a pro contract with Memphis 901 and scored a banger of a bicycle kicker in his debut.
  2. Santiago Ferreira – 2004, linking mid. The info I have is he’s in the class of ’23. So he’s still in high school. I assume this means he’ll be with North Texas SC full time (16 games, 12 starts). Perhaps as on an “amateur contract” so as not to ruin his NCAA eligibility?
    Update: He’s back playing for the 19s. See blow.
  3. Kevin Kelley – 2005. F/M. The older Kelley brother and a dynamic wing. I have no idea where he’s gone or why.

Buzz’s Key Returning Players

Call this a watch list, if you want.

  • Tarik Scott
  • Anthony Ramirez
  • Diego Hernandez
  • Dylan Lacy
  • Jared Aguilar
  • Nolan Norris

2023-24 FC Dallas Academy U19 Roster

2004s and 2005s.

Head Coach: John Gall

Ordinarily, the 19s are numbered 1-30 but a couple of these kids have been allowed to keep their numbers from last year with the U17s.

No.NamePos.YearClassNotes & Comments
20“Manny” MartínezF/M2004’23Key starter in the second half of last season for the 19s.
17Ricardo VivóF/M2005’23New player from Santos Laguna & Houston Dynamo.
9Tarik ScottF/W2005’23Tulsa commit. Has played for NTX, 3 games, 2 goals.
51Anthony RamírezW/M2005’23Mexico and US Youth International.
32Darren AmayaM2005’23New player. Believe he’s from Total Futbol Academy.
6Diego Hernández6/82005’23Furman commit. He’s been on my Homegrown watch list for a long time.
12Jordan Jones82005’23Former US U17.
10Dylan Lacy8/102005’23From Philly joined spring ’22. One game for NTX so far off the bench while he was a U17. Handed the #10 with the 19s.
18Diego FerruzziCM2004’22Gap year. Played ECNL and High school soccer last year and scored lots of big goals.
16Eddie GarcíaM2005New player to the Academy level, moving up from FCD Youth Premier. 2021 ECNL Texas Conference Player of the Year.
48Jared AguilarDM2005Recently getting lots of time with NTXSC with 5 starts.
25Bowen McCloudD2004’23Joined spring ’22 from Chicago Fire.
22Cristian GalloF.RB2005’24Former F? He’s been tried some at right back. May do both at times.
42Mason GrimmCB2005’24Former Solar SC. NTX bench.
14Ángel BernalRB2005Update: signed a pro contract with Tulsa FC 3 games into the Academy Season.
15Pranav DuBroffCB2005’23Wake Forest commit.
2Adrián AnguianoCB2005’23Former Mexico U16. Tore his ACL/MCL back in 2021.
4Will BakerLCB2004’22Furman commit but taking a Gap year. Has played for NTX (3 games) and may spend more of this time there.
32Nolan NorrisLB2005’23Furman commit. 4 starts in 9 games with NTX.
1Aarón SalinasG2005’23Furman commit. NTX bench, First team training.
26Michael MoralesM2004He played 9 minutes for NTX off the bench this year.
21Víctor GómezG2005’23Former US U16.
24Ishmael NievesCB2005Up from FC Dallas Youth Premier ECNL.
Santiago FerreiraCM2004’23Spent most of the spring and summer with North Texas SC. Back playing with the U19s.

If you know of any college commitments I missed, hit us up with a comment below or a message on Twitter.


  1. Small thing, but I’d expect Jones to play LB before McCloud. I know McCloud the Younger plays out there, but I haven’t seen the older brother used as such (in contrast with Jones).

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