The 2022-23 FC Dallas Academy U13s

The last group of our Academy roster project is the FC Dallas U13s. As is always the case, this group is made of the two U12 teams the club runs – North and South – combined into one as they move up a level this season.

Like the U13s, this is another level I don’t usually scout.

Our prior 2022-23 roster breakdowns are here: U19sU17sU16sU15s, and U14s.

Matters of Importance

FC Dallas often moves kids up in pretty much any age group. No one is listed as being “up” yet but don’t expect that to last. You can expect to see kids bouncing up to play almost any game. Sometimes, but not always, the number they wear can tell you where the club expects them to play most of the time.

Rosters are fluid down to ECNL too as there are players tagged as DPs that can move between Academy and Premier. I don’t often know which kids are DPs.

I listed these kids on the roster in the order that FCD sent them to me. They aren’t alphabetical nor are they numeric. I have no clue if it means anything. Draw conclusions at your own peril.

This has been an offseason of massive recruiting for FC Dallas. As we go forward in these rosters, you will see the numbers are sometimes surprising.

I don’t know of any new kids for the U13s since they are already cramming two teams into one.

Notable Absences

Just one.

  1. Santi Gonzalez. A play-making central mid (2010) that I’ve been aware of for a long time due to his aggressive (family run?) social media. He was with FCD pre-Academy, left for the U12 level, but came back after half a season, and has now gone to Solar.

As usual, there are a lot of names moved out here. FCD goes from two U12 teams to one U13 so 10 or more kids moved down to ECNL Premier or to other clubs.

Buzz’s Key Returning Players

Call this a watch list, if you want. Reminder, I haven’t scouted this team yet. So this list is based on word of mouth and recommendations. Or if they played up with the 2009s at some point I’ve made a note of them.

  • Papi Njie
  • Aiden Gallardo
  • Sammy Guevara
  • Neil Akem
  • Braulio Hernández Borjas
  • Jordan Williams
  • Patrick Arne
  • Dariel Orta

This is a longer list than usual. I hear this group is very talented but also I have yet to see them. I almost always start out with more names at younger ages and thin my lists down as they age.

2023-24 FC Dallas Academy U13 Roster


Coaches: Toto Schmugge and Adam Wells are coaching this U13 group together as well as the U14s.

This group will be wearing numbers 31 and up. Like the U14s, I deleted the class column as I don’t have that info for any of these players.

No.NamePos.YearNotes & Comments
31Alhaji NjieF/W2010“Papi.”
39Aiden GallardoF2010
35Sammy Guevara2010
41Neil AkemW2010Has played up with 2009s. Phil Akem’s brother.
42Tamba Hallie II2010
34Braulio Hernández BorjasCM2010
22Alex SoriaCM2010Changed to #22.
53Brennen McDonald2010
29Jordan Williams2010Has played up with 2009s.
27Patrick ArneCB2010
26Eduardo Salas2010
21Christian Guillén-LópezCB2010Changed to #21
32Justus Jones2010
24Dariel OrtaLB2010Changed to #24
44Xavier Gómez2010
10Kaleb BrodeliusCM2010
11Moyosore Awoniyi2010
19Johan Padilla2010
30Giovani AlonsoCB2010Changed to #30
0Josiah ÁlvarezG2010The #0! Not something we see often, an American keeper thing. Love it.

I would welcome any info here beyond the list of names as I have little info.

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