Sources: Three more FC Dallas Covid positive tests on Tuesday. That’s six since arrival and nine overall

No, this isn’t Groundhog’s Day. According to our sources, three more FCD players tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday, Tuesday, June 30th.

That’s six positive tests for FC Dallas since arriving in Orlando and nine since the beginning of June.

MLS announced yesterday that they had four new cases. I do wonder if perhaps the communication department in New York is a day behind and their announcement yesterday doesn’t include these three new FCD cases?

The timeline of FC Dallas positive cases:

June 3 – One player tests positive, 2nd player in MLS. (Reported by MLS)
June 18-19 – Two more cases while still in Frisco (we reported on June 24). A 4th suspected case turns out to be some other “old school” illness.
June 27 – FCD travels to and arrives in Orlando.
June 28 – FCD holds its first training session and has two more positive tests.
June 29 – FCD has one more positive test. (We reported the 3 new cases in Orlando on June 29.)
June 30 – FCD has three more positive tests. (We’re reporting today, July 1.)

The big question, for us anyway, is how this will impact the potential games? How long will these positive-testing players be quarantined?

Knowing the names, I can say half the players are potential starters. While it’s not definitive, I’ve been given no indication that any of these players are showing symptoms or effects or are anything but asymptomatic.

FCD’s first game is schedule for July 9. Given the team was likely exposed on the plane or in training since arrival there’s seems to a good chance more players will test positive. How much of its roster will FCD have on the 9th?

FC Dallas trains in Orlando, 2020. (Courtesy FC Dallas)

FC Dallas Statement

FC Dallas players, coaches and staff departed for the MLS is Back Tournament in Orlando, FL on June 27. Every member of the FC Dallas traveling party had tested negative for COVID-19 through an MLS-mandated testing service prior to the club’s departure on Saturday morning.
Upon arriving in Orlando for the MLS is Back Tournament, FC Dallas had two players test positive for COVID-19. The affected players were immediately isolated from their teammates, the entire FC Dallas delegation, other MLS clubs and staff.
As league testing continued, four more players tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of FC Dallas players who tested positive while in Orlando to six.
In consultation with MLS medical officials, FC Dallas took proactive steps to isolate the newly-affected players as well as all FC Dallas players and staff in Orlando out of an abundance of caution. All members of the club delegation are following MLS health and safety protocols and will remain quarantined in their hotel rooms pending the results of further COVID-19 testing.
We continue to learn more information daily from medical experts and are in constant communication with them. We will provide relevant updates as they become available.
FC Dallas will have no further comment at this time.

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