North Texas SC wins final game, misses USL Final by two points

It was decision day in USL League One and North Texas SC needed help around the league to secure their berth in the Final.

The Richmond Kickers lost their match giving North Texas SC fans hope heading into the start of the game. North Texas came out with the needed win in the final minute of their game as the game ended 2-1.

Though it wasn’t meant to be after Union Omaha stole the last playoff spot after scoring in stoppage time of their game.

Eddie Munjoma celebrates his game-winning goal in the 2-1 season final win over Tormenta FC. (Jacob Simmons, 3rd Degree)

The Game

There was no change to Eric Quill’s final lineup of the season as he trusted his team to find the needed three points.

North Texas SC Starting XI vs. South Georgia Tormenta FC

In the final moments of the first half in stoppage time, Tormenta FC scored a well-taken free-kick to earn the lead going into halftime.

North Texas SC was determined to get the win as Nicky Hernandez combined well with Eddie Munjoma to score in the 47th minute.

Gibran Rayo was the first change of the evening as he replaced Derek Waldeck in the 68th minute. Alisson and Collin Smith came in for Justin Che and Alex Bruce in the 77th minute.

North Texas SC’s final substitution of the game was Thomas Roberts for Imanol Almaguer in the 89th minute.

In the final moments of the game, Eddie Munjoma scored the game-winner to secure the 2-1 win for North Texas SC.

Thoughts & Takeaways


With a shot at making the Final, North Texas SC came out of the game as the team desiring the the win more than their opponents.

North Texas SC has struggled at times during the season to come out and control matches. There were moments when they were reactive and found themselves chasing games which were situations that they couldn’t afford to be in this evening.

It was evident in the stats after having 8 shots to Tormenta’s 5. Thomas Roberts and Arturo Rodriguez where creating quality chances in the final third and finding their teammates in the 18-yard box.

Even though North Texas conceded a foul in a dangerous position and paid for their mistake, the momentum in the game was still in North Texas SC’s favor.

“A brotherhood took place and we willed two-goals,” Eric Quill said after the game. “Obviously the one right off the bat was a classy goal. In the last two weeks, we have scored classy goals…The one-twos are high level and the ambition is evident in the final third.”

North Texas SC maintained their high intensity throughout the whole match and they were rewarded with a needed win to cap out a remarkable season, but heartbreaking.


North Texas SC played their best game of the whole season on the final day. The improvement that the club has made from the start of the season to now is nothing short of impressive and respectable.

The improvement and mentality of the squad is what lead to their gradual growth during the season.

“It was a complete mood swing,” Thomas Roberts said of the growth in the locker-room throughout the season. “I think it was a bit wishy-washy [early] but the past five games with North Texas [SC] have been great in the locker-room. We know that we were gonna win.”

Eric Quill never had an easy task when in 2019 he faced a constantly changing squad and had limit FC Dallas inclusion during the start of the season. He coaching ability to elevate the quality of play.

While the season didn’t end how many would’ve wanted, there is plenty that the players, coaching staff, fans, and others can be proud of.

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