Luchi Gonzalez: plans are being made for players to return, possibly play in July or August

With Texas and other states beginning to reopen, many have wondered if something might change with FC Dallas and MLS soon. Don’t forget, MLS is a national league and the entire nation’s reopening is a major factor.

Coach Luchi Gonzalez spoke yesterday on his weekly conference call about a possible restart.

Translated from Spanish: “I heard rumors of a target [date]. The goal [for team training] may be July to start competition in August or in July itself. I tell you this, that we need at least three weeks to train well as a team.”

So according to Coach Gonzalez, a restart during the back half of summer might be in the cards, and, as he has stated before, Gonzalez reaffirmed the need for at least 3 weeks of full team training.

Then today on his radio show, Coach Gonzalez was asked about against about the potential restart of training.

Coach Gonzalez indicated that while nothing has been announced by the league, the FC Dallas coaching staff is creating plans and protocols for when the can bring back players for single or small group work at the team’s facility. Coach G said he hopes that individual players’ return to campus could just be a week or two away.

Listen to the whole thing or skip ahead to about 3:20 if you just want the training soundbite.

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