Chi and LA look ahead

A scoreless draw with LA on the road would have been a decent result but we were robbed of the point by the idiotic shootout.  Still, considering last year’s blowouts and our injuries (why is it always injuries with Dallas) not too bad a result.

Dir stuck with the 3-5-2 and with Zarco on the right midfield.  Personally, we were a bit baffled to see Suarez start again after Broome looked so good on the wing in the second half of the KC game.  It should be given that Suarez will be dropped when Santel is healthy. Here was the Burn lineup vs LA

 Trotman (Haynes) Kreis
 Suarez Eck Alvarez Zarco
 Pollard Dade

Once all our injuries are healed put Washington in for Trotman, Santel in for Suarez, Dodd in for Jordan (Maybe not??), and Deering for Eck (one can only hope).  Plus the Burn are still looking for a forward to replace Trotman.  If that happens Kreis is back in midfield and we’re guessing Zarco is back for Dade or Pollard depending on who we are playing.

 Washington New???
 Santel Deering Alvarez Kreis
 Zarco Dade

Given the current injury crisis (AGAIN!!), we would use the following April 10th versus the Chicago.

 Broome Eck Alvarez Kreis
 Pollard Zarco

Because of the Gals speed up top (Welton and Cobi) we think Dade is out and Zarco in back. Deering will still be out so Alvarez starts.  Suarez was awful so the rookie gets the nod on the left flank. (And we’re guessing here) Since the new forward won’t be signed yet we’ll bring in Trotman up top and shift Kreis to midfield.

For the Gals you’ll more than likely see…

 Mathis Pena Hernandez Ibsen
 Vanney Caligiuri

Unless Cienfuegos leaves town then Mathis fills the hole and Franchino is back on the wing.

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