Get your FC Dallas fix – Top 10 old FCD games on Youtube worth watching

As the MLS shutdown continues, I’m sure we’re all really missing watching FC Dallas play.  I certainly am.  FC Dallas is re-airing some games from recent years but that may not be enough for some of you.

We proposed a list of older games FCD should put online for everyone to watch, but that’s perhaps not realistic and isn’t helpful for actual viewing until they do.

So what’s a fan to do? 

Well, I’ve got an answer for you. I scoured youtube looking for full and complete FC Dallas games and came up with a list of 10 games that you can see right now.  All are worth a watch by any FC Dallas fan.  Heck, one of them was on our aforementioned list of Top 10 games FCD should re-broadcast.

So here they are, give them a look.

Update: An added bonus game is no on Youtube – the 2016 US Open Cup Final can be found here.

Top 10 FC Dallas Games on Youtube

10.  2019 Mobile Mini-Sun Cup Final

Yes, it’s a preseason game.  But this is the first trophy won by FC Dallas under (then) brand new Head Coach Luchi Gonzalez.

Dallas fields a mixed but still pretty solid lineup against what turns out to basically be a New York Red Bulls II team.  NYRB has a former FCD draft pick, Chris Lema, in their XI, a player I wanted FCD to keep back when they picked him.

9. 2004 FC Dallas Season Opener 

The first game back at the Cotton Bowl after the disaster of 2003 at Southlake. FC Dallas hosts the Colorado Rapids.  Coach Colin Clarke has 10 new starters in his XI compared to the end of 2003.  13 players in total are dumped off the previous roster. Dave Dir is doing color commentary.

Burn XI – Scott Garlick, Philip Salyer, Cory Gibbs, Steve Jolley, Matt Behncke, Ronnie O’Brien, Brad Davis, Simo Valakari, Eric Quill, Eddie Johnson, and Toni Nhleko.

8. Ricardo Pepi Hat Trick – North Texas SC Inaugural Game

Ok, so I’m cheating a little.

Thankfully, USL-1 has pretty much every game online. This includes the North Texas Soccer Club franchise opening game against Chattanooga Red Wolves. 

Ricardo Pepi explodes into the FCD fan consciousness and onto the national radar with his hat trick.

7. 2016 Development Academy U16 Final

To be honest, there just aren’t a lot of complete MLS games on youtube so I’m having to be a little creative.  This 2016 Academy U16 Final is worth a watch.  FC Dallas Head Coach Luchi Gonzalez leads his U16 side against the LA Galaxy.

Side note: 2016 is prior to the DA age bracket adjustment. Back then the top-level was U17/18 together with U15/16 together.  Now it’s U16/17 and U18/19 with U15s getting their own single year.

Just check out this starting XI for FC Dallas – I guarantee you will know these some of these names and I’ll put their current club with them for clarity – Carlos Avilez (North Texas SC), Jose Castro (Oral Roberts), Brecc Evans (North Texas SC / Austin Bold), Jacob Goyen (St Louis, previously Ohio State), Blake Willis (Colombia), Aldo Quevedo (Yale), Jommar Reyes (unknown), Mark Salas (UNC), Brandon Servania (FC Dallas), Jesus Ferreira (FC Dallas), Bryan Reynolds (FC Dallas).

Matt D’Annunzio, Cole Guindon (Kentucky), Manuel Alonso Molina, and Aidan Tibbets (UC at Colorado Springs) come in off the bench. 

Ajax’s Alex Mendez comes off the bench for the Galaxy.

6. 2016 Development Academy U18 Final

FC Dallas becomes the first club to win both of the top two age brackets of the DA in the same season.

This game against Vancouver Whitecaps features a starting XI of more names you will know under the direction of Francisco Molina: Ben Hale (Furman), Reggie Cannon (FC Dallas), Brandon Terwege (SMU, previously UCLA), Hector Montalvo (El Paso Locomotive), Damian Hernandez (Richland), Giovanni Montesdeoca (UNC), Eddie Munjoma (FC Dallas), Adrian Ramos (Richland), Devon Vega (Real Monarchs), Paxton Pomykal (FC Dallas), Toshiki Yasuda (Grand Canyon, previously SMU). 

Jerry Howard, Philip Ponder (North Texas SC), Juan Ramirez (Midwestern State), Gustavo Lopez (Richland) come off the bench.

5. 2016 US Open Cup Round of 16

FC Dallas on their march to the 2016 US Open Cup Championship takes care of the Colorado Rapids in Dallas.  Both these clubs were atop the Western Conference at the time of this game.

FCD had been to the Quarterfinals 14 times, the most of any MLS franchise to this point. Pareja used this game to get some PT for three players who needed game time – Augstin Jara, Juan Ortiz, and Carlos Lizarazo.

Also, the Rapids are wearing the blue and yellow away kits, one of the better away kits in MLS.

4. 2019 USL League One Championship

North Texas Soccer Club wins the first USL-1 Championship over Greenville Triumph.  Coach Eric Quill has a few MLS players at his disposal in addition to his USL roster and Academy kids to take on John Harkes’ Triumph. 

Just barely 16-year-old Jonathan Gomez gets the start at left back. Current Homegrown Tanner Tessmann – then still in the Academy – comes off the bench.

League MVP Arturo Rodriguez is voted Final MVP but perhaps Kyle Zobeck should have been.

3. 2016 US Open Cup Quarterfinal

FC Dallas advances to their 15th USOC Quarterfinal – an MLS record – to face the Dynamo in Houston on this blistering hot day.  Oscar Pareja runs out a pretty much full force XI even though it was the 5th game in 17 days for the club.  Fabian Castillo is the FCD hero.

This game takes place a few weeks after the tragic Dallas Police offer shootings in Dallas.

2. 2013 US Open Cup 4th Round

It’s always a great day when FCD’s crushes the Orange.  This time Kenny Cooper leads the line against the hated foe in Frisco. 

This game comes not too long after the famous Copper “handball” win of March 2014. 

1. 1997 US Open Cup Final

Back on like just this week – thanks Peter!

What else would be #1 but the club’s first title?  On a cold night in Indianapolis, Mark Dodd has his masterpiece performance just days after his mother passes away.  

Burn XI – Mark Dodd, Tom Soehn, Wade Webber, Brandon Pollard, Richard Farrer, Mark Santel, Ted Eck, Daniel Pinedo, Alain Sutter, Gerell Elliot, Dante Washington.  “Zarco” Rodriguez, Jason Kreis, and Damian all three sub in off the bench.

Bonus points if you can spot Mr. Welpton in the video.

Bonus Game – 1995 US Open Cup Final

This one isn’t FC Dallas – that’s why it’s a bonus – but you soccer nerds might find it interesting. 

The 1995 US Open Cup final between EL Paso Patriots vs Richmond Kickers is the last Cup Final prior to the founding of MLS.  The new top tier pro league has dominated the Cup since.

At this point in 1995, pro soccer was just barely past semi-pro.  Many of the Richmond names migrated into MLS over the next few years.  Look out for Richie Williams, Rob Ukrop, and Brian Kamler just to name a few.

El Paso lines up in a 3-3-4.  Yes, seriously.

When the picture interruption starts around the 45th minute, skip to 47:20

What Did I Miss?

Know of any games I didn’t find? Comment below with a link!


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