Final Mockup – Our 2021 FC Dallas secondary kit prediction

Regular readers of 3rd Degree will know how much we care about soccer uniforms. Every year we try to put together all the hints, leaks, and info we get with our own knowledge of MLS and adidas kit design to come up with a prediction.

This year is no different. We first heard the new FCD secondary kit was powder blue back in March of 2020. At that time we used what info we had to do our April Fools – not actually a joke – joke.

Now we’ve added in the new sponsor, changed to the new adidas template, obtained a few more leaks and pieces of info – and we have a lot of ways to get info – and came up with the following mockups made by Dan Crooke.

I’m quite sure it won’t be 100% accurate but we think it’s going to be pretty close. Not all of our details will be right.

FCD’s 2021 Secondary Kit Prediction

3rd Degree's FC Dallas 2021 secondary Kit mock up, fabric close up. (Dan Crooke, 3rd Degree)
3rd Degree’s FC Dallas 2021 secondary Kit mock up. (Dan Crooke, 3rd Degree)


  • Navy blue MTX logo.
  • Red adidas logo.
  • Advocare right sleeve.
  • Navy blue trim.
  • Navy blue shorts with powder blue trim.
  • Red numbers.
  • Powder blue base fabric.
  • Red and Navy blue flecks in the fabric.
  • LH low on left hip.
  • Texas Flag (as usual) on the back.
  • Powder blue socks with red/navy blue trim.
  • Sleeve and back style/pattern from the adidas Regista 20 template that is also used on Philly, DC United, NYRB, and a few others
3rd Degree’s FC Dallas 2021 secondary Kit mock up, fabric close up. (Dan Crooke, 3rd Degree)

We’ll find out on March 2nd how good we are.


  1. Call me a medical researcher taking under-the-table money from a big pharma company because I am CONFLICTED. No hoops, no party. This doesn’t *look* like an FCD uniform. OTOH, it does look like a nice uniform – a little conservative, but whatever. I’d generally prefer the home setup to be variations on an iconic theme, and the aways to be out-there, weirdo experimentation.

  2. Nice looking kit. Not great, not awful. Nobody in MLS appears to have been worried that everybody was coming out in white a couple years ago, so it’s fitting that powder blue is 2021’s white. Sounds like we’re going to be wearing “home” red for several road matches (NYC, KC, etc.) based on pending clashes alone.
    The “Stars at Night” jersey with the “license plate” TX landscape was a 3rd Jersey, wasn’t it?

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