FCD Academy player sues FC Dallas for $40 million

Yes, you read that correctly.

The family of an FC Dallas Academy player, Kris Kelley, is suing FC Dallas, MLS, FC Dallas Youth, and FC Dallas VP of Youth Soccer Chris Hayden for $40,000,000.

I discussed the public details on the latest episode of 3rd Degree the Podcast (Thursday, October 20th).

I’ve cued the youtube version to the section on the lawsuit if you would like to listen. If the cue point fails the discussion is at 1:18:22 of the podcast.

Here’s the court filing obtained from Dallas County.


  1. this is just an advertisement for your podcast. the other comment was right, this is not an article to read. I guess I’ll never know why he sued FC Dallas.

  2. This is great reporting. Thanks for informing the public of what is going on at these clubs that think they are above the law. Keep up the good work.

  3. In the introduction lead-in to the discussion, you try with nuanced terms to paint Kristian Kelley and his brother Kevin as just ‘average’ players. Lumping them in groups etc.
    Yet, in many previous 3rd Degree articles over the years including recently, you painted them as exceptional and special.
    Is that for theatrical effect?

    1. I actually tried to leave any discussion of their talent level out of the podcast and tried to stick to just plain facts in regard to their movement between Acad and NTX. Perhaps I failed in that.

  4. We used to play soccer with them when the boys were young. Not surprised. Too bad. Big Kevin, the kids are now blackballed globally forever.

  5. FC Dallas Youth Directors are misogynistic and money hungry. Their coaches reach out for help and threaten them instead. They don’t support them the coaches at all and when they ask them for help retaining players in the organization or simply asking what their pay is, they ignore them and avoid any sort of questioning. It’s a toxic environment for women coaches who are seeking develop the next generation but receive the opposite and these walk away to different clubs knowing that this is a man’s world and they’re playing in a sport for men.

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