FC Dallas Youth 10 South for 2022 Dallas Cup

The final FC Dallas boys teams and the last one in the U12 Division.

All the non-Academy teams are outside my radar, some more so than others. I do my best with the info I can find but if you have any to share please reach out. Twitter @3rdDegreeNet.

FC Dallas Youth 10 South

Coach: Daniel Rivas

Bracket B: Academia de Futbol Tigres San Rafael SR (Mex), Little Rock Rangers Academy 2010, Cadence SFC 2010.

FCDY 10 South plays in the Dallas Classic League Division 1 and they are in 6th place with a 2-2-3 record and a 0 goal differential.

FCDY 10 South Dallas Cup Roster

1Sebastian Hernandez2010
2Manuel Ruiz2010
4Santiago Gonzalez2010
8Anthony Lopez2010
14Christopher Olvera2010
17Luke Mayer2010
18Gabriel Vivero2010
21Ibrahim Marouf2010
22Xavi Mundo2010
24Joaquin Mendoza-Monty2010
35Rowan Lester2011
38Larkin Ma-Hain2010
66Angelo Caiafa2010
99Nathan Hernandez2010

FCDY 10 South Dallas Cup Schedule

April 134 pmLittle Rock Rangers Academy 2010MoneyGram 13
April 145 pmAcademia de Futbol Tigres San Rafael SR (Mex)MoneyGram 12
April 151 pmCadence SFC 2010MoneyGram 12

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