FC Dallas Youth 05 North Blue for the 2022 Dallas Cup

The non-Premier FCD Youth team in the U17 Division of the Dallas Cup.

All the non-Academy teams are outside my radar, some more so than others. I do my best with the info I can find but if you have any to share please reach out. Twitter @3rdDegreeNet.

FC Dallas Youth 05 North Blue

Coaches: Jorge Molina and Genaro Castillo Ortiz

Bracket B: Steven Gerrard Academy, Santa Clara Sporting 05 Green, Inwood SC ID Texas Nemesis 05 NLFC

FCDY 05 North Blue plays in the Dallas Classic League and for the Fall ’21 / Spring ’22 season they are in 3rd Place.

FCD Youth 05 North Blue Dallas Cup Roster

1Stefano Tognetti2005
2Dylan Berry2005
4Jordy Perez2005
5Renzo Tognetti2005
6Grant Martinez2005
7Gavin Lyons2005
8Fabricio Martinez2005
9Nicolas Arango2005
11Antonio De La Torre2005
12Jacob Owings2005
13Ryder Thornton2005
14Nicolas Mallen2005
15Kenneth Pearce2005
17Elijah Gonzalez2005
18Elliott Clement2005
19Samuel Flores2005
21Cole Ashley2005
22Samuel Matz2005
23Florencio Zubiri2005
38John Pelaez2005
43Sebastian Salazar2005
64Ryan Beck2005

FCD Youth 05 North Blue Dallas Cup Schedule

April 114 pmSteven Gerrard AcademyMoneyGram 8
April 128 mSanta Clara Sporting 05 GreenRichland 10
April 136 pmInwood SC ID Texas Nemesis 05 NLFCRichland 1
North Blue 05
FC Dallas Youth 05 Boys North Blue.

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