Report: FC Dallas trades for Paul Arriola

According to a report by Tom Bogert, FC Dallas has traded $2 mil in GAM (General Allocation Money) to DC United to acquire 26-year-old right wing Paul Arriola.

Note: Bogert, whose track record is excellent, literally works for MLS so this kind of report we feel confident passing along.

Arriola was on a $1 mil salary in 2021 so he should fill FCD’s third DP slot unless the club uses its abundance of GAM to buy his salary cap hit down. Those same boatloads of GAM are what allow FCD to pull off an internal to MLS move like this.

Update 1/25: Bogert says it’s done.

3rd Degree’s Take

Quite obviously the new coach’s relationship with Arriola from the USMNT is the key factor here. Arriola is noted for work rate and leadership, something FCD could use more of.

Arriola becomes, in our minds anyway, the presumptive right wing starter ahead of Jader Obrian. Obrian is an excellent change of pace bench threat and has been used on the left on occasion as well. Arriola has been used on the left as well, I’m sure.

Taps Breaks

Steven Goff says not so fast my friend.


  1. Not much to hate about this deal if it happens. Arriola plays in a position of need for FCD. He’s entering what should be his prime but with plenty of experience. His contract isn’t outrageous and could probably be bought down if necessary. Reports are that he’s under contract through 2023 with an option for 2024. He wouldn’t have an adjustment-to-MLS period. Estevez is familiar with him, so presumably has something pretty clear in mind. Doesn’t require an international spot.

    The only potential negative I can think of is the amount of GAM. If the amount was $1.5mm I’d say it was a steal. At $2mm (maybe with incentives that could increase the amount), it feels like a little bit of an overpay, though not absurdly so. And the price would have been upped with another MLS club bidding too. With FCD’s transfers and the increase in allocation money allocated to clubs year by year (and as Buzz notes), FCD should have plenty of GAM. And it’s useless unless you use it. So complaining about the amount of GAM is a little nit-picky.

  2. I’m of two minds on this one. I haven’t ever been super crazy about Arriola as a finisher on the national team, but I love the hustle and leadership intangibles. It would be amazing to see Arriola and Jesus team up to dominate for both club and country this next season, talk about a marketing opportunity.

    With the Velasco deal seeming less and less certain by the hour, I definitely don’t hate a front line of Schon – Jesus – Arriola, especially if you’ve got Paxton and Servania in the midfield behind them.

  3. I think this was a smart move for the club. Velasco could’ve turned out to be the next Almiron or the next Pity Martinez. I’d rather go with the proven player there. I still think that we should go after Box-to-Box Midfielder. Not sure if we can buy down Arriolas contract or not but we definitely need more cover there.

  4. Even if Velasco ultimately does not come, the combination of Ferreira and Arriola as DPs would make Dallas a more attractive landing spot for a future signing.

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