FC Dallas preseason roster numbers

Mostly for fun, I made some predictions about preseason numbers for FC Dallas back on Tuesday and I actually got a few of them right! But we now have the final preseason numbers so here they are.

Numbers are not final until the season starts so these are subject to change.

2023 Preseason Number Predictions

Bold – New Players
Italics – Changes

1Jimmy Maurer
2Geovane Jesus
3Jose Martinez
4Marco Farfan
5Facundo Quignon
6Edwin Cerrillo
7Paul Arriola
8Jader Obrian
10Jesus Ferreira
12Sebastian Lletget
13Antonio Carrera
15Isaiah Parker
16Tsiki Ntsabeleng
17Nkosi Tafari
18Brandon Servania
19Paxton Pomykal
20Alan Velasco
21José Mulato
22Ema Twumasi
23Collin Smith
24Amet Korça
25Sebastian Ibeagha
30Maarten Paes
31Dante Sealy (Loan PSV)
32Nolan Norris
33Herbert Endeley (draft pick)
34Kameron Lacey (draft pick)
36Andre Araneda (NTX)
37Hope Avayevu (NTX)
38Andre Costa (NTX)
39Paulo Torre (NTX)
41Tarik Scott
46Justin Che (Loan Hoffenheim)
77Bernard Kamungo
UnknownRyan Wittenbrink (draft pick, injured)
UnknownCarl Sainte (NTX)

Yes, FC Dallas still lists Dante Sealy and Justin Che even though they are on loan. Che has had his number shifted, it seems, to accommodate Nolan Norris who wore 32 the last few years in the Academy. Not that it matters to Che as we’re pretty confident he won’t be back.

Last night Ryan Wittenbrink was listed as 33 but did not play and instead, Herbert Endeley was wearing 33. FCD listed Endeley as 28 on the roster given to media.

Carl Sainte was listed as 39 but he wasn’t on the bench, instead, Paulo Torre wore 39.

High Number Logic

The numbering logic might seem random but it’s not. And I’m sure 99% of you won’t care.

As they are under contract as homegrowns, I think we can assume Norris and Scott were given, or asked for, the numbers they have worn at some point in the Academy, 32 and 41. Che was shifted to a high number out of the way, 46.

Presumably, early this spring draft picks were originally assigned numbers starting at 28 in the order they were picked while skipping over Franco Jara 29, Paes 30, Sealy 31, and Norris 32. Endeley shifted to 33 for the BSC game for “reasons.”

Then the NTX players are given numbers starting at 36 and running to 40. Once Sainte was missing (reasons unknown), Torres was possibly shifted to 39 because 40 is often a keeper number, and FCD equipment guys didn’t want to make a no. 40 field-jersey that would almost certainly never get used again.

Numbers are fun.

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