FC Dallas 2024 salary numbers leaked

The MLSPA salary report was apparently posted early today and grabbed by @MLS_Box2Box before being pulled from the site. With this being a premature leak, it’s possible a few numbers could be wrong or could be updated later.

I pulled the FC Dallas numbers out of the drop.

FC Dallas 2024 Salary Numbers

May 2024 leak.

PlayerBaseGuaranteed Comp
Petar Musa$1,800,000$2,230,000
Jesus Ferreira$2,000,000$2,204,000
Paul Arriola$1,550,000$1,729,400
Alan Velasco$1,250,000$1,451,000
Paxton Pomykal$950,000$1,058,000
Sebastian Lletget$750,000$841,250
Eugene Ansah$600,000$702,833
Sebastien Ibeagha$620,000$683,625
Asier Illarramendi$500,000$549,750
Marco Farfan$512,000$544,813
Maarten Paes$325,000$397,000
Ema Twumasi$370,000$389,300
Nkosi Tafari$347,750$347,750
Enes Sali$300,000$345,000
Dante Sealy$275,036$297,787
Liam Fraser$200,000$227,750
Sam Junqua$200,000$212,368
Patrickson Delgado$150,000$176,280
Antonio Carrera$125,000$144,519
Jose Mulato$89,716$127,899
Omar Gonzalez$89,716$114,716
Jimmy Maurer$89,716$113,716
Nolan Norris$89,716$108,358
Tarik Scott$89,716$105,658
Isaiah Parker$100,000$101,000
Tsiki Ntsabeleng$89,716$89,716
Bernard Kamungo$89,716$89,716
Carl Sainte$71,401$71,401
Malik Henry-Scott$71,401$71,401
Alejandro Urzua$71,401$71,401
Logan Farrington$71,401$71,401
Tomas Pondeca$71,401$71,401
Herbert Endeley$71,401$71,401
Amet Korca$71,401$71,401


Jesus Ferreira‘s base salary is more than Petar Musa‘s, but Musa has a higher guaranteed comp. Those are two of the club’s DPs along with Alan Velasco.

Paul Arriola isn’t a DP, his number is bought down by TAM.

Eugene Ansah is on a whole-season number and more than doubled from his half-season last year. On that salary, he should be a starting-caliber player… At least more than he is.

Asier Illarramendi is a steal. So is Maarten paes.

Logan Farrington‘s number is confirmed lower than I am used to seeing for a college senior signing. Clearly, MLS is lowering the numbers on those contracts.

Nkosi Tafar is underpaid.

Enes Sali might seem high to some, but remember he’s a U-22 Initiative player so that’s on par.


  1. Is it odd that I thought Musa would be higher? Not that $2.23M is chump change, I was just guessing close to $4M given where he came from and how much they spent on him.

    Also yeah, Paes has to be one of the biggest steals in the league given how much he does for the club.

      1. Illara being the 9th highest paid player behind Ibby, Lletget and Ansah is maybe the biggest steal.

  2. Mulato is a U-22 making only $89k. They must have just stuck him there because they had no one else to put there. The other two (Geovane and Enes) are making $300k. Such a waste of a spot.

    1. Mulato isn’t a U-22 initiative. He’s just a guy they signed from North Texas. He’s on loan to San Antonio after being told to take a hike as the club didnt want him. They didnt even let him come to camp. They couldnt find anyone to buy him.

      Geovane and Sali are the two U-22 Initiatives.

      1. According to the MLS Roster Report from May 1, Mulato is a U-22. I don’t know why Dallas would put him in that slot since he’s making less than $200K but apparently they are.

        1. I think that’s a mistake.
          Mulato wasn’t mentioned as being U-22 when he was bought from Deportivo Cali. And he’s never been mentioned as one except for this one document.
          And since he’s on season long loan (no right of recall mentioned) it’s a moot point anyway.

  3. Paes is underpaid as a few others. This is the problem with this league… without some financial motivation and a relegation system, the MLS will always be a retirement league. I’m not saying it’s not competitive, but the bar needs to be raised

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