Eleven FC Dallas U14s selected for regional ID camp

US Soccer is continuing its regional ID camp program with a session in Dallas on March 16th. A roster for the camp was shared on Instagram and ten FC Dallas U14 players have been named for the camp.

This Dallas-based camp is, apparently, for players in North Texas and Oklahoma as there are no players from outside the immediate region – hence a large number of FCD players. There are numerous players from other local clubs also selected with (by my count) five players from DKSC, eight from Dallas Texans, and two from Solar SC.

The camp is being run by Garrett Biller (US Soccer Talent ID Manager), Kevin Hudson (YNT Network Scout), and Ben Stoddard (YNT Network Scout).

I’ll tell you anything I know about the 11 FCD kids. Listed in alphabetical order. I recently scouted some of these kids for the first time.

Eleven FC Dallas U14s on YNT ID Camp Roster

Tadesse Hart – A slashing winger who plays both sides. Has enough pace and skill to go by defenders.

Matthew Kent – Winger. He played left wing the one time I’ve seen him.

Gavin Vo – In my scouting post, I listed him as Gavin Vo, obviously a typo in my source roster (I was right, I changed it back from Lo). A versatile player, in the game I scouted I saw him play both as a left back and as an 8.

Edit: Apparently I was right in the first place. It is Vo.

Jaxon Meese – A winger who has been mentioned to me as sometimes playing up although perhaps that was in the past. Played right wing in the game I scouted.

Zach Molomo – A tall target striker who sometimes with FCD plays up with the 2007s both for his size and ability.

Matthew Razo – A really nice holding mid with a great foundation. Needs to work on progression play but one of the better 6s I’ve seen at this level.

Saul Rios – A 2009 goalkeeper (so technically he’s a u13 but he often plays up) who recently joined the Academy from FCD El Paso the same feeder club Ricardo Pepi is from.

Kevin Rodriguez – Right center back. A stay at home defensive first kind of player (at least in the one game I saw him)

Gabe Rojas – Left center back and a really nice defender. Covers up a lot of his teammate’s mistakes almost like a sweeper while he’s playing in a flat back-four. Great range.

Andre Saucedo – The prize of this group to my eye. Yes, even on one viewing. This kid is fantastic. Serious quality, he covers ground and will defend, but it’s his touch and vision that stood out. 

Liam Vejrostek – A left back who recently joined FCD from RSL Arizona. He’s also a 2009 so he’s too is a U13 playing up with this group.

US YNT Dallas ID Center Roster

US YNT Dallas ID Center Roster for March 16, 2022.


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