Dallas Cup – Day 5: 16s and 14s Advance

And so we’re back at it. There were a fair number of FC Dallas teams still alive today, I took in two games which I will talk about first, the Academy U14s and U16s.

With the sun hiding and a brisk wind, I was quite thankful for my coat and hat.

FCD Academy U14s vs Eintracht Frankfurt

My second view of this team and I have a few standouts that are getting my attention in this side.

Here’s the starting XI but the 14s (2009) have open subs and although there were fewer subs today than in the last game I’m not going to bother with all of them.

U14 vs Frankfurt
The FC Dallas U14s vs Eintracht Frankfurt in Dallas Cup, April 6, 2023.

Good game, the teams were evenly matched. Dallas won the PKs 3 to 2. PK makes by Cook, Echevarria, and Vejrostek.

I came away from these two games with a good list of players I liked even though it’s a small sample. So here are four players that have impressed me.

#15 Kyle Velasquez – a box to box 8. Has a great bag of ability, moves well, works hard, and reads the game. Terrific player, the best for me in this team over these two games. I have in my notes he sometimes plays as a 6, I’d really like to see that at some point as it might be his best long term fit.

#11 Diego Echevarria – a winger, this kid can move. Pace and verticality, but has skill too. Dig his focus and “get at ’em” mentality.

#26 Jordyn Eason – Winger or 9. Joined FCD this year from LAFC I hear. Another active and skilled attacker, dynamic, creates chaos in the defense. Lots of good from him.

#5 Ahmed Odom – left center back. He’s either a lefty or it’s so close it doesn’t matter. Organizer, leader, good passer, good first touch. Go 1v1 defender. I didn’t write down who the captain was but it wouldn’t shock me to learn it was him.

If I didn’t mention someone you like don’t worry about it as there are multiple others I had good notes on, I just wanted to keep the list short’ish today. Where these kids are on my charts will change a lot over the next few years anyway.

The 14s face Academia Atlas FC tomorrow (Friday) in the Semi-Finals at 1 pm on MoneyGram 2.

FCD Academy U16s vs La Roca (Utah)

The 16s (2007) I have seen a fair number of times before since first witnessing them as U14s. This was a quality game, despite the 3-0 scoreline, La Roca is pretty good. They are an ECNL side with a fair few interesting players.

FC Dallas U16s vs La Roca (Utah) in the Dallas Cup, April 6, 2023.

Chris Salazar with a brace, scoring early and late. Jaidyn Contreras with a header goal off a cross from Ian Witis Hughes.

I talked a bit about this team two days ago, so let’s try and get a couple of different guys in here.

#25 Ian Witis Hughes – winger with good size and pace, goes at defenders, and can beat a couple. Worked both wings and seems to love to cut into the CB channels. Hit a couple of good shots and a really nice cross for the 2nd goal assist.

#2 Michael Cortellessa – Y’all have heard me talk about him before I’m sure. He was captain today. La Roca didn’t really have an answer for him wide and he was up and down the line all day while player fantastic D as usual.

#5 Luke Munson – I quickly mentioned him last game but he’s FCD best defender today so gets another mention. Athletic and strong, has plenty of pace and passes well. He’s right-footed to my eye and did shift to right center back late in the game.

#9 Chris Salar – Played the full 90 mostly as a 9 but did shift to wing late and that’s where he got his second goal. He plays quite a high line and really pushes the CBs. He’s big and physical, not gonna kill you over the top but wears guys down. How he works out as a prospect is, I think, going to come down to how his body matures over the next 3-4 years. He could easily go either way.

Shoutout to La Roca’s #6 who I quite liked. I heard he’s younger and playing up. I didn’t get his name. Good player in their midfield, maybe their best overall on the day.

The 16s face Solar SC – ooohhhhh local derby – tomorrow (Friday) in the Semi-Finals at 1 pm on MoneyGram 8.

Luke Munson defends against La Roca (Utah) in the Dallas Cup, April 6, 2023. (Courtesy Munson family)

U17s at GA Cup

The Academy 17s defeated Atlas 2-0 on goals by Jared Salazar (2 goals in 2 days) and Luke Shreiner.

The 17s will now face the Crew in the Semifinals on Saturday. That game will be on MLS Season Pass at 1:30 CT.

The Semifinals winner faces the winner of Philly and LAFC for the U17 GA Cup.

Other Dallas Cup Results

Academy U12 North (2011) knocked off Angeles Soccer Elite 3-0 and advanced to the Finals tomorrow on Toyota Soccer Center Field 17 at 11 am against SoCal Elite FC – Imperial Valley B11 EA.

Academy U13 put up a 3-1 scoreline on the always excellent Crossfire Premier ECNL 1 (2010) to advance to the Semi-finals. Interestingly, they face FC Dallas Youth ECNL Red 10 at 11 am on MoneyGram 9.

Speaking of ECNL Red 10, they knocked off OK Energy FC 10 by a 1-2 line to advance to face their brothers in arms.

RL-NTX Red 07 Ackerson was scheduled to play Dallas Texans 2007 ECNL today at 5 pm in a Quarter-Final but as of 11 pm tonight there is still no result posted. Stay tuned on that one.

Four other FCD Youth teams already advanced yesterday to games on Friday.

ECNL 07Girls are in the U16 FINAL vs ODP 2007 National Select at Toyota Stadium at 10 am.

ECNL White 05/04B vs Olympicos FC Academy – U18 Semi-FInal is on MoneyGram 3 at 11 am.

ECNL Red 06 vs Tigres – Y17 Quarter-Final is on MoneyGram 7 at 11 am.

ECNL Red 05/04 vs LouCity Purple – U19 Quarter-Final is on MoneyGram 5 at 1 pm


My man, Caleb Swann, was killing it again. But I don’t need to say that do I?


  1. *Tongue in cheek comment*
    Buzz’s top player with the U19s: Hernandez, their best box-to-box midfielder
    Buzz’s top U17 player: Urzua, their best box-to-box midfielder
    Buzz’s top U16: Swann, their best box-to-box midfielder
    Buzz’s top U15: Saucedo, (who he thinks is) their best box-to-box midfielder
    Buzz’s top-listed U14 after his first review of the U14s: Velasquez, their best box-to-box midfielder

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