Dallas Burn vs SMU

2/18/04 at Wescott Field, SMU 6:00 pm

Dallas (4-4-2)


Some Thoughts Before the Play by Play

  • Man of the Match: Jason Thompson: Active, fast, strong, mobile, and confident… just outstanding play.  What a difference a year makes.  Played high as a target.  Just fantastic.  Two goals, chance for four.  “I Feel great,” Thompson said. “I am so happy to be playing and I have so much energy.  Can’t wait for the next one.”
  • Jolley was very composed in the back, Behncke didn’t blow me away but didn’t make any mistakes either.
  • Rhine and Curtis were very active and created some danger moments. 
  • Salyer was not bad thrown in a t right mid, to give Miranda a chance to prove something.  Which frankly I don’t think he did.
  • EJ is in town.
  • Gavin Glinton is making a National Team appearance and will rejoin the team in Spain.  I know, that’s what I said.  Apparently, he is an international for the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Who knew?
  • The right back for SMU can play.  Ugo Ihemelu, 3-year starter and only now a JR.  good size and pace.  A player to watch.  I also liked #3 in the midfield, Jake Jackson I think.
  • SMU jerseys have no numbers, which annoys me to no end, only little ones on their pants.  Makes it real hard to ID their players.  Here is their lineup going by roster off SMU site.  The left back had no number so I have no idea who he is, could have been #15 – Mynor Gonzalez.

SMU (4-4-2)

2 – Kellan Zindel6 – Duke Hashimoto
12 – Colin Clark3 – Jake Jackson10 – David Chun19 – Dario Saintus
?8 – Ross Spencer14 – Jay Needham18 – Ugo Ihemelu
1 – T.J. Tomasso

Colin Clark?  what are the odds of that.

First Half (6:05 kickoff)

1′ – SMU almost scores off a long thrown in, Duhaney saves off the line.

4′ – Burn free kick  (earned by Curtis) Behcnke gets on the end of it, header off the right post, Rhine rebound is saved and goes off left post for corner.

Ball is swung out left to curtis who plays behind D.  Thompson starting from behind the center back, outruns and out muscles him and chips the keeper.

15′ – Burn corner (what happened to the last 10 minutes…  nothing… nada, zip… zilch

17′ – Thompson misses a low header about 2 feet off the ground on a cross from Curtis.  Traffic in front made if hard to get to.  Arguably Thompson should have scored.

18′ – Ronnie O’Brien from 22 yards misses right.

19′ – Rhine dribbles in from about 30 yard mark and shoots from 22… great save by SMU keeper.

20′ – Curtis and Rhine look real active and dangerous

21′ – SMU threatening… high kick (dangerous) ends attack.  Burn free kick.

24′ – Good switch by Rhine

Long ball out the back (Behncke?) into space, Curtis chases it down in the left corner, and crosses.  Thompson one time volley as ball crosses his body.  Stunner, that is a VERY hard ball to hit right.

27′ – Salyer finds a retreating Rhine.  Bobby makes a nice turn and shoots, misses just left.

31′ – SMU subs: three players including goal keeper #25 Erick Foss. #20 Mike Uremovich in for #19.  #16 Ryan Latham in for #6.

32′ – SMU nice build up into the box. No shot results, as Garlick grabs the eventual cross.

33′ – Miranda to Thompson who chips to Rhine… keeper saves

35′ – Bad SMU goal keeper turnover on a back pass.  O’Brien’s awkward shot is saved.

37′ – Thompson lays off a long pass to Curtis who misses right.

38′ – Stone hammers the SMU #10

END OF HALF – hey 40 minutes?  what’s up with that?
Burn lead 2-0

Second Half (kickoff 7:00pm)

Burn sub: Naggy into goal for Garlick

46′ – Jolley fouls at midfield, SMU long free kick into back corner of bax.  The right back, Ugo Ihemelu, (this kid can play) heads back across and off cross bar.

48′ – Thompson offside

50′ – Curtis down the line into the box off a free kick from Ronnie, Curtis cuts back inside and finds a double team.

52′ – Rhine back to midfield, turns and finds Thompson on move… keeper comes out to save.

53′ – O’Brien free kick, Rhine flicks on but keeper finds it.

57′ – Burn sub: Goodson in for Jolley

Burn over-shift in midfield and SMU finds open man who scores from about 35 yards out. Nice shot, but I couldn’t read the players number.

62′ – Salyer up the right side into the box.

63′ – Burn subs: Maurin in for Curtis.

66′ – Burn subs: Gibson in for Thompson, Davis (wearing #10) in for O’Brien

Ty Maurin finds s gift ball at the back post, assist sorts goes to Rhine.  Interesting point is that Maurin got yelled at for not getting to the back post on a run yesterday in training.  Good for him to learn and get there this time. 

69′ – Burn subs: Wagenfuhr for Duhaney, Waddington for Miranda, Salyer to right back.  SMU sub: #13 Adam Robertson up top

70′ – SMU over the top, forward turns Goodson, but Nagy out to save it.

70′ – Gibson gets a long ball over top, dribbles in to the keeper.

71′ – Maurin overlapping into right corner.

71′ – Goodson composed on the ball.

75′ – SMU with to much possession and getting in tot he box.

Maurin earns a free kick down in the right corner (again?).  Davis hits low cross on the ground toward Behncke on the early run… Behncke let’s it go and ball swerves into far corner for goal. 

83′ – Burn backline moving he ball side to side well.

84′ – Salyer on great overlap down right.

89′ – Another Davis free kick from right corner.

90′ –  Wagenfuhr overlaps down the left side.

Dallas wins 4-1

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