3rd Degree’s deep dive interview with Brecc Evans

Ok, I tricked you. The title’s a lie.  What actually happened was USL-1 and North Texas SC replayed the 2019 USL-1 Championship game on Youtube and Brecc Evans joined the chat.

Thing is, there were only a handful of people in the chat.  So I ended up asking the bulk of the questions. I would ask one… wait a bit… and if no one else asked anything I would ask another.  So it because, for the most part, a back and forth.

Afterward, I figured why not post the conversation?  

I’ve edited out some of the chatter and junk to make it more interview like and pair the answers with questions. Sometimes the questions are in reference to the game and sometimes they are not.

Here’s the game…

And the Q&A.

Brecc Evans Chat

Brecc Evans:  ​Hey everyone, Brecc Evans from North Texas SC here. I’ll be watching the game along with you so let me know if you have any questions!

3rd Degree: ​I’d love to hear how he was feeling going into the game. How the atmosphere was in the team/locker room?

Brecc Evans: ​All the players were extremely focused heading into the game. We all knew we had unfinished business after the semi-final win over Madison

Frits Jonker: ​How did the previous games against Greenville affect your plan and confidence going into this game?

Brecc Evans: ​The previous game against Madison was challenging for us because they are very disciplined defensively. So heading into the final against Greenville we knew it would be even more difficult because of their very impressive defensive record.

3rd Degree: ​Confident? Or nervous?

Brecc Evans: ​I was personally not too nervous at all. As soon as warm-ups started there was just pure focus and no nerves left.

NorthTexasSC: ​How important was Oscar Romero towards the end of the season? He was able to force his way into the starting lineup for this final.

Brecc Evans: ​Oscar Romero always had the quality and was a starter at the beginning of the year. But that final stretch of games he was able to concentrate and give his all to the team.

Daniel Sanchez: ​What did you think of the support in the final?

Brecc Evans: ​I was impressed and as a player inspired by the support. After Arturo’s goal in the final, the fans were thunderous in displayer support.

Frits Jonker: ​Is it weird cycling between right back partners? Depending on the game, you had Bonilla, Reynolds, Almaguer, etc., playing beside you. Does it take time to adjust to the new player there?

Brecc Evans: ​It does take time to adjust but there is a consistent philosophy that translates through every level in the FC Dallas pyramid. I have a great personal relationship with all 3 of those players.

Daniel Sanchez: ​What was your favorite stadium to play in during the season, besides Toyota Stadium, of course?

Brecc Evans: ​I enjoyed playing in the stadium at Richmond Kickers. Personally I am not a fan of artificial surfaces so anywhere with turf would not be my favorite regardless of support.

3rd Degree: ​Did you find it difficult playing against much older players most of the time?

Brecc Evans: ​Early on it takes some getting used to. I personally learned a lot that will help me going forward in my career because veterans know all the tricks in the book and that helps me defend against it.

Frits Jonker: ​What would you say are Montgomery’s best qualities as a CB partner?

Brecc Evans: ​Solid defender, strong in the air, good left foot, and a threat in front of goal

3rd Degree: ​You still in Austin? How’s it been with the Bold so far?

Brecc Evans: ​I am not in Austin I am back with my family on the west coast.  ​The Bold is a club that is run really well. Tons of international experience on their roster and getting to know the guys and adjusting while learning from them on the field has been incredible.

3rd Degree: ​Is there a difference playing in front of Avilez, Zobeck, or Maurer? Do you adapt for each?

Brecc Evans: ​There are all fantastic goalkeepers. Each has their pros and cons. I think Avilez has great distribution and is very composed on the ball. Jimmy and Kyle are so experienced and amazing shot-stoppers

*No question here, Evans just a reacts to the game and a great Zobeck save.*

Brecc Evans: ​No disrespect to Arturo but Kyle might have been the frontrunner for MVP of the final.

3rd Degree: ​Totally fair take.

3rd Degree: ​I really enjoyed Alfusainey Jatta all last year, he covers so much ground. He must have been fun to play behind?

Brecc Evans: ​Absolutely. He is a physical presence and always dominates in dual situations. Jatta has bags of potential and in the right environment he can reach his potential

3rd Degree: ​Toughest striker you faced last year?

Brecc Evans: Jordan ​Jones the striker for FC Tucson was always a difficult test. He is an incredible athlete who has a soft touch and can finish. I am surprised he did not receive more attention last year.

3rd Degree: ​Which NTX teammate do you think has the biggest/brightest pro future ahead? Aside from yourself of course.

Brecc Evans: ​Arturo [Rodriguez] showcased to the league what he is capable of. Jonathan Gomez to me such a high ceiling and played in this final without looking out of place at all at 16 years old.  ​Bryan Reynolds and Thomas Roberts are both extremely talented with bright careers ahead. ​There are so many young players with high ceilings I have played with so it is a bit unfair for you to make me choose

Garrett Melcer: ​What’s Eric Quill’s best attribute as a coach?

Brecc Evans: ​He is a real motivator. He can get the most out of his players both physically and mentally. He also values competition very highly. ​If you are constantly competing and winning and giving 100% Eric Quill will reward you and you will develop a desire to win.

Frits Jonker: ​Your review of Eric Quill’s sideline fashion choices? Bold look with the purple shirt for this game.

Brecc Evans: ​However, Eric Quill could use some tips on Fashion.

3rd Degree: ​Are you doing training at home with FCD? Or do the Bold have a program?

Brecc Evans: ​The bold gave us a plan that I have been following supplemented with some more specific injury prevention exercises.

Garrett Melcer: ​What was it like playing with Coach Michel when he stepped into midfield vs. Forward Madison?

Brecc Evans: ​Mixed feelings. Obviously Michel was an incredible player back in his day. But as a player, you would prefer the men you enter battle with are training every day with the team.

3rd Degree: ​Do you have a favorite or preferred jersey number? And if you do, why?

Brecc Evans: ​#2 was the number I had when growing up and was my dad’s number his whole life.

Frits Jonker: ​Do you agree with the color commentator’s assessment of the issues y’all were having to this point in the game?

Brecc Evans: ​Yeah the commentators were spot on. As a player Finals are usually more chaotic so in the first half it can be more difficult to implement a tactical plan.

3rd Degree: ​Do you remember what kind of adjustments Quill made at halftime? Or did he just smash stuff?

Brecc Evans: ​He wanted us to stop forcing the ball while in possession and giving it away carelessly. Also to try and possess definitively in their half instead of keeping the ball too deep.

Frits Jonker: ​Is Arturo Rodriguez as annoying to defend in training as he seems like he is in games?

Brecc Evans: So annoying. Arturo is relentless and uses his body in an intelligent way. He is always thinking a few steps ahead so it makes it more difficult to defend him.

3rd Degree: ​Other than FCD, any clubs you are a fan of?

Brecc Evans: ​I’m not really a fan of one club. I watch tons of soccer especially high-level European games for the entertainment of it without regard for who wins

*Broadcast shows a clip of Ricardo Pepi’s open day hat trick.*

3rd Degree: ​Speaking of, any thoughts on Pepi? Did he predict his opening hat trick?

Brecc Evans: ​Pepi was full of confidence but I am not sure if even he predicted a hat trick on his debut.

Frits Jonker: ​Was there a specific game or moment where you realized y’all were just that much better than everyone else?

Brecc Evans: ​I think almost every home game it became very clear early on we were in control of the games. But I don’t think any away game did we think we were much better than everyone else.  ​Every game is a battle and decided by slim margins.

3rd Degree: ​Team/City you are most looking to visit in USL-C?

Brecc Evans: ​Hometown of LA

3rd Degree: ​Don’t hold back, how bad was the field in Lansing?

Brecc Evans: ​It was terrible and they knew it, we knew it, and the officials knew it.

3rd Degree: ​Being an LA guy, how did you get to the FCD Academy?

Brecc Evans: ​I moved to Dallas about 6 years ago now. And I tried out with the u14 academy at the time.

Garrett Melcer: ​Who was the best player you played with specifically in the Academy?

Brecc Evans: ​Sorry Garrett I can’t pick just one player.

Rob Szczepankowski: ​Brecc!!! How have you been? How tough is it to handle something like this virus layoff mentally? I know you guys have training regiments, but how tough is it JUST training by yourself?

Brecc Evans: ​Hi Rob I hope all is well. It is mentally difficult to not be able to play soccer every day specifically missing the team component. You can only do so much work on your own but it’s played with 11

Frits Jonker: ​What were your first impressions of Chris Cappis and Chris Richards when they joined the Academy?

Brecc Evans: ​They had strong first impressions and were impact players from day 1. Both players developed the year they were in the academy and the rest of the world is beginning to see what they are capable of

3rd Degree: ​Did you expect Ronaldo Damus to step up like he did over the 2nd half of the season?

Brecc Evans: ​Yes I did actually. He is a special player and once he can make the correct decision with a little bit higher percentage he will have an illustrious career. ​Even with how much he still has to learn Ronaldo won the golden boot so that should speak for itself.

*In the second half of the game, North Texas is taking control.*

3rd Degree: ​At this stage, could you feel the game turning?

Brecc Evans: ​Yes and we could sense this was our chance to capitalize. Once the game started opening up like this it played into our favor

3rd Degree: ​Are you in touch with Luchi/Ferruzzi/Zanotta? Do you feel like you are on the right path for your career?

Brecc Evans: ​Yes I am in touch with them and this is the right next step for me in the USL Championship

3rd Degree: ​How how does lifting the USL-1 trophy rank in the top moments of your life?

Brecc Evans: ​top 10

3rd Degree: Greater than Dallas Cup? DA Champ?

Brecc Evans: ​Dallas cup was close but nothing compares to winning a professional trophy.

3rd Degree: ​Is there a defender you model your game on?

Brecc Evans: ​I like to take pieces from different players. Right now [Virgil] Van Dijk and [Raphaël] Varane are my two favorite defenders.


And that was it.  In general, I enjoy the conversation and Evans gave some good answers.

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